Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleep Disorders

So I finally got Tristan off of a pacifier. He hasn't had one for just about a week. This is a blessing in disguise for sure. He used to put his pacifier in when it was time for bed and that was a signal to his body to go to sleep. So, he would just curl right up and go to sleep. Nap time and bed time were very easy! Now, even though he doesn't ask for a pacifier, he has nothing to associate with bedtime and it is much more difficult to get him to fall asleep. I know that when he had the pacifier, he would wake up during the night, root around for the pacifier that fell out of his mouth, and go right back to sleep. Now, he wakes up, can't find anything to soothe him and comes to find me rather than going back to sleep. I put him down with a sippy cup of water, which he loves, and I've been trying to give him a stuffed animal or a special blanket or something. So far nothing has stuck as a soother for him.
Wade is the same way. He quit taking a pacifier about 3 months ago. I haven't been able to get him "hooked" on anything else, so he uses me! He wakes up 2-3 times during the night and wants to nurse...not really to fill his tummy, but more to soothe. He often is awake for a little while, so I take him out of his room so he doesn't wake up Tristan. I can't take him into our room, because I don't want to wake up Jason, so we end up on the couch. I usually spend at least half of the night on the couch with one of the boys. I'll get one back to sleep, lay them down, go back to my own bed, wake up a half hour later with the other one and start the process again. I'm lucky if I get a full hour of sleep straight in my own bed. These are my two little sleep disorders. Any suggestions????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleeping Boys

OK. I did it! Here they are snuggled together in Wade's crib. They didn't even stir when the flash went off. It is pitch black in their room, so I'm surprised the flash didn't bother them. I did move Tristan to his own bed after I took this picture, because Wade will wake up during the night, and I didn't want Tristan to as well.

Oh Boys!

Wade being nabbed for the brother pile!

Tristan loves to "wessle" Daddy!

Cody and Caleb were over today, and they decided they were puppies and needed cages, with pillows of course!

This video was taken several days ago and already Wade is a much more confident walker. He pulls himself up and walks across the room without any help or urging. In fact, today he even changed direction while he was going. He just thinks that walking is soooo fun and has a huge grin on his face whenever he's walking.
P.S. I put the boys to bed tonight and I could hear that they were awake for a little while. Then I heard Tristan crawl into Wade's crib with him. They were quiet, so I didn't do anything about it. Now they are both sound asleep in Wade's crib. They are all snuggled up against each other!! So cute!! I'm not sure if I dare take a picture....


This was stolen off of Neisha's blog, but I thought that maybe I should let you all in on a few fun facts about my wonderful hubby!!

What is his name? Jason
How long did you date? 3 months, then we were engaged for 3 months before we were married.
How long have you been married? 4.5 years
Who eats more sweets? I do
Who said I love you first? Me!!
Who is taller? He is. I'm 5'5" He is 5'11"
Who is a better singer? ummm...he's a male Sanderson...does that answer your question?
Who is smarter? We are both smarter in different things. He definitely knows more history than I do.
Who does the laundry? Is this question asking who makes the laundry or who washes the laundry. I don't think I really need to tell you the answer to this question!
Who pays the bills? Jason makes the money and I write the checks.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.
Who mows the lawn? Lawn? We don't have a lawn! Yippee!!
Who cooks dinner? I do. Except last Valentine's Day Jason made me shrimp, crab, and garlic mashed potatoes!
Who drives? Jason
Who is more stubborn? Umm...We are both pretty stubborn. Jason usually gives in first, because he's wonderful and very forgiving!
Who kissed who first? I think we just kissed each other at the same time. Although, I think that Jason would blame it on me because I'm older and should have known better! :)
Who asked who out? We never "asked each other out". He asked me to go with him on what was our first date.
Who is more sensitive? Me.
Who wears the pants? Jason does. I usually wear skirts. The boys wear pants, too, but theirs are really small and probably don't count. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm glad that someone used my camera to snap a picture of Wade walking to me. I still need to get a video.

This weekend was the Winterfest: Fire and Ice here in Chelan. We went out to watch some of the snowmobile races.

Professional ice sculptors come and create these beautiful sculptures around town. This one you can sit on.

All the cousins.

Here were a few of my favorites. The only problem is that every picture has the cars in the background.

The festival also has a snow sculpting contest that you can enter, an ice rink, a huge bonfire made from everyone's leftover Christmas trees, a polar bear dip, and fireworks. We went up and watched the fireworks, but the camera I was using didn't get any good shots.

More Birthday

Because we were in South Carolina over Jason and Tristan's birthdays, we didn't get a chance to give them their presents. Mark, Karol, and Leah came over this weekend, so we decided to do the birthday presents when they were here. This was a Pooh bear chair that Tristan got.

Tristan is enjoying everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Tristan takes the blanket "wrapping paper" off of his new car!!

We decided rather than buy a whole bunch of little gifts, we would just get one big gift from everyone.

Tristan tries out his Escalade.

Taking it out for a spin. It has a 12 Volt battery and it goes either 2.5 or 5 mph. There is a lock, so I can make it stay at 2.5. Plenty fast for my munchkins.

Tristan got the hange of the gas pedal pretty quickly, but had a little trouble steering it.

On Sunday we had a banana cream pie birthday cake.

Then, we relit the candles and it was Daddy's turn.

Tristan wasn't too happy that everyone was singing, and it wasn't to him. Guess he'll have to get used to sharing his birthday with his daddy!

The cousins helping open up the presents.

He got some great John Deere equipment from Shawn, DeAnne, and kids.

And a playset that includes 2 tunnels, a teepee, and a dome tent that all connect together from Rod, Carolyn, and kids.

There was time for one more ride in the car before we headed out to gospel meeting.

Tristan and his Auntie Weah.

First Haircut!

Last week we gave Wade his first haircut. This was his hair before.

He wasn't too excited about it, but I let him rest his head on my shoulder and then he was fine. I was a little nervous about the clippers catching my hair though. :)

All done!

Our freshly shorn lambs.


Tristan wanted to take some pictures with the camera. He actually got one of Wade and I.

Then he wanted Tristan to say cheese. Here's his self-portrait.

Daddy's been making a "brother pile" with them.

So precious...the workers were here this week, and one morning Wade fell asleep during breakfast.

This is what Tristan thinks of picture time.
The title of this post is walking, because that is what Wade has been doing!! He walks several steps between people. Probably a total of 5-6 steps at a time. He loves to walk and gets mad if he has to sit or be carried for too long.


Tristan helps Daddy make a smoothie.

His masterpiece

Tristan took this box, put it over his head, and came up to me saying, "Mommy, look, motorcycle helmet."

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Step!!

Wade took his first step on Saturday!! We were at the library, and I was sitting in a chair. Just to my left was a bookshelf of children's DVDs. Wade was standing holding onto my knee, but he eyed the DVDs and thought they would be fun to pull off the shelf. He reached out to the bookshelf, took one step on his own and the second step allowed him to reach the shelf. Yippee, Wade!! Yesterday I managed to get him to repeat it twice. Just a couple of weeks I probably won't be able to get him to sit down!! :)

Friday, January 09, 2009


Captain Lepak bought her nephew an army bear to help him remember her when she gets deployed to Iraq. She had drill for a couple of the days that we were there, so I had to get a picture of her in uniform.

My Uncle Guy, Aunt Lori, and cousin Travis came for one evening and night. It was good to see them! Here, Travis meets Wade for the first time.

Uncle Guy and Aunt Lori

We went for a walk down to the river on our way to the airport, so we had all put on warm clothes in anticipation for a cold flight and colder arrival (and to free up some space in our suitcases). We all roasted, though, because it turned out to be close to 80 degrees!

Cammy finished her Master's Degree last year here at the University of South Carolina.

P.S. This is the last vacation post!! You're done!! You did it!! Wait...I mean...I'm done!! I did it!!