Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Promised Videos

Buckets and Baseball

Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day festivities started out with a parade Thursday night. The boys were handed apples, which were quickly replaced with flying candy. :)

Each time Memorial Day weekend rolls around, I'm amazed at the change that comes over Chelan. This park that is usually quiet is mobbed with people. Every hotel and campsite was full! It is like Spring Break invading Chelan.

After work day on Saturday, we went out on the boat to enjoy the sun. Rylan and Jared were with us. Jared caught a fish, and Rylan kissed a fish. :)

Grandpa and Grandma came to enjoy time with the grandkids. Also, we had two funerals for wonderful women. They were Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Take note of this sand bar. It was packed all day long, but as evening set in, we went and enjoyed it. It was the perfect place for the kids to play.

Dad, Mom, and 1/4 of their kids.

Monday after the funeral we went back out on the boat. Kevin, Julianne, and Brielle joined us! It was a lot of fun!

You might remember that Brielle is just 11 days older than Wade.


Sweet Brielle

Wade was due for a nap, so I laid him down in the cabin of the boat. He curled up and appeared to be falling asleep so I thought I'd check on him in a couple of minutes. This is what I found. He was dipping his finger in the icing of the cake, that is just to the left, and licking it off. So, our cake had a few poke holes, but he was so cute, I just had to forgive him. :)

I took this picture to show how much the water had raised in the day and a half since we'd been there. There were very few places where the sand was above the water, but the water was very shallow and was still a great place for the kids to play.

The Girls! (Me, Julianne, Martha, and DeAnne)

Getting buried.

We met up with Rod, Carolyn, Ernie, Linda, Jared, Rylan, Rachelle, Nick, and Mandy for dinner. We BBQ'd burgers at a great little picnic area a few miles up lake.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly Wade

You probably watched the video a couple of posts ago, where Wade raises his hand and says, "Me!" when asked who wants a sandwich. Anyway, he says "Me" for everything now. This morning at Carolyn's house, Wade was sitting on a stool at the counter eating his waffle. Rylan, Jared, Rachelle, and Carolyn were all in the kitchen as well, having their breakfast. Either Rylan or Jared had left the bread bag open on the counter, and Carolyn asked, "Who left the bread bag open?" Wade immediately responds, "Me!" with his hand in the air. Rachelle follows with, "Who plugged up the toilet? Wade immediately raises his hand, "Me!" We all just cracked up laughing! Poor little guy, taking the blame for everything! :) Wish I could have gotten it on video, but I did get a video a little later that I will post for you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don't even remember the last time we had a picture taken of just the two of us. Oh yeah, it was on Valentine's Day and it was a self-portrait (you know, when you stretch your arm out as far as you can and the picture ends up with a view of your armpit and up your nose..) So here we are after almost 5 years of marriage!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You, Bramhalls!

Thank you very much for the tricycle! We love it!! We ride it everyday!

Family Fun

Carolyn was in town for a few days before she went to her preps in Walla Walla. We spent a lot of time at the various parks around town. Teana was also here this past week and Julie came for the weekend!

We've been watching some of Rylan and Jared's baseball games, so Tristan really has baseball on his mind. I took a video tonight of him playing baseball with Daddy, so I will upload that for you soon!

Caleb with Jason's ski goggles on.

(They were in the bag with our sporting equipment, so ended up at the park with us!)

Cody, Teana, and Ashlyn

Taking the Caddy for a spin.

Vying for a spot in the driver's seat.

Carolyn wanted to go fishing, so we passed up two beautiful days, and decided to go out on the lake on the cold, icky day. Good thinking.... Anyway, we battled the chill and had a good time!

The licensers have been visiting the daycare that I work at. They have been bringing all kinds of new rules that we have to follow. One of the new rules is that the kids have to wear helmets when riding on the toys. ugh.. Tristan enjoys wearing it, so that makes it easy.

Ashlyn was in a play through the Missoula Children's Theater. She was a chameleon in the production of Robinson Crusoe.

Mike, Tawn, and Gwyndolyn had a pit stop in Chelan on their way home, so we played ball in the grass with them!

We Are So Privileged

We are so thankful for our privileges! We have had one of our workers staying in our home 8 of the past 9 days!! We had Patricia come Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then Carolyn came Tuesday and Wednesday. Amy was with us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now that preps started this past weekend, we have many workers here!! We love the privilege of going to their Bible studies in the morning after breakfast, and just spending time with all the workers. Sunday night, the workers broke out their various instruments and made beautiful music together. This weekend we are looking forward to having a couple more workers staying with us!! I love this time of year!! Convention is approaching, and we just take a little time to think of all the things that we are blessed with!
Dan (singing), Steve (cello), Amy (flute), April (I'm not sure, a foreign instrument. Sounded like a cross between a flute and a clarinet, but was a small, rectangular shape.), Heidi (violin), Karen (piano), Don (saxaphone), Troy (not pictured)

And our dear Helen (listener)

The garden is designed to bloom this time of year so it can be enjoyed during convention. I love the garden!!!

Getting everything all set up.

Jason and Shawn spent a good part of the day installing gutters.

There was a little baby bull snake in the grass. Wade followed it all around until he lost it in the woods.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Wants A Sandwich?

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Sorry this didn't get up yesterday! My boys are too young to really do anything for me for mother's day, so I had to take matters into my own hands! :) I helped Tristan paint me a coffee filter flower, and I traced his hand onto a card for me! :) I was kind of hoping for a Symphony bar (the kind with toffee and almonds in it), so maybe I'll have to make a trip up to Wal-Mart and the boys will "surprise" me with one. After we took the video that you see above, Tristan DID come up to me several times throughout the day and say, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" Sooo Sweet! My boys have really been a pleasure to be around. (Ok, Tristan is still having his 2 year old tantrums.) Wade is happy, talking, giggling, etc. Tristan can be very sweet and charming.

P.S. Jason came home today with not 1, but 2 Symphony bars for me!!! Yippee!!! Nap time treat!! :)

Apple Blossom Fun

Chocolate Face

Enjoying a cookie snack.


The Manson Apple Blossom Festival was this weekend, so we enjoyed another parade!! Clarence and Marilyn were in town to see Rachelle in the parade. This is us waiting for the parade to begin.

There's Rachelle, Miss Lake Chelan. Jared and Rylan were official "Men in White" candy throwers. :) Rod was the driver.

Tristan was having so much fun picking up the candy that was thrown, that Jared and Rylan re-threw his candy for him. They'd reach into his candy bag, grab a couple of pieces and throw them out there for him to get. He didn't realize it and thought it was just so much fun to keep picking up candy. He didn't notice that they were the same few pieces and were getting very broken from hitting the pavement so many times!

My friend Annie used to teach and ride the bus with me. Now she stays home with her beautiful daughter, Brooke. Her husband is a band director as well, so they were at the parade with his band.

Our dear friend, Patricia Doland spent the weekend with us. We love having her in our home! We met the cousins at the park.

We found this great sand castle by the lake. We can't take any credit for building it, but it sure was cool.