Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Every year I am surprised at how different Memorial Day Weekend is than any other time in Chelan!  Last night we had our Memorial Day Parade...a little early, but the only way you can do it around here.  Today the crowds hit!!  I made the mistake of needing to stop at Safeway at about 3:30 today and I think I got the very last spot in the whole parking lot!  There are pedestrians everywhere!  And most of them aren't wearing very many clothes!
Our fearless boat driver.  He does a good job unless it's someone else's turn to drive!  

Kale tubing!  I like having Kale living in Washington!


Owen fell asleep in Allyson's arms!


Hold on or fix hair?  Big questions while tubing!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Water Fun and Boys!!!

The sprinkler was a drew the bare buns of the neighborhood!  Apparently the elastic in Owen's trunks broke! :)

We had a fun evening with the neighbors visiting.  The boys had a pillow/pajama party out on the lawn.

Saturday we ran in the Pig Jig and enjoyed the parade in downtown Manson.  The boys got to hang out with their buddy Ryan.

Loving the parade candy!

There's Ashlyn and the Girls on the Run.

There was a workday up at the convention grounds, so we got the privilege of having Ron come for dinner and the night.  Ron and Tristan on the excavator.

Do you know what this means?  I do!  and I can't wait!

Helping Carolyn mow

One of the more beautiful houses/trees in Chelan.

An evening ski

We love living on a lake!  Can you tell?

We met up with Eric and Aura.  The boys piled on to their "pirate ship".

On Sunday we enjoyed delicious BBQ ribs, compliments of Rod!  Then we enjoyed another boat trip.  My boys and I on Mother's Day!  Aren't I the luckiest mom ever????  :)  Wade said to me, "Mom, you are the best mom!"  I replied, "Thank you, Wade!!"  W:  "It's because you have the best kids."  Isn't that the truth!!

Mother's Day was also Phil's birthday, which we celebrated with a yummy carrot cake, and Shawn and DeAnne's anniversary, which is why we have their kids on our boat ride.

We love the sandbar, and this is the only time of year we can use it.  In another week or so it will be completely under water!

Ashlyn rock hunting.

We weren't angry, just looking into the sun! 

Kneeboarding...kind of..

Everyone got a turn to drive!
We spent some time Sat. and Sun. treasure hunting from the boat.  All you  have to do is let the current carry the boat and have Jason up on the bow with his wet suit and snorkel/mask, when you see something cool at the bottom of the lake, you tell Jason to dive in and get it for you.  Saturday we found a boating flag, a boat hook, and a pair of Oakleys.  Sunday we found another flag, another pair of sunglasses, a pair of broken sunglasses, a pair of boxers, and a ripped towel.  Hahah!!  Every time Jason dove in, we would all yell "TREASURE!!"  :)  One time I heard a splash as Jason hit the water.  As he was climbing back up the ladder I asked him what he found that time.  He said, "Uh...that time I just fell in."  :)  The boys and cousins had fun pointing out things for Jason to dive for and I enjoyed the sunshine and my book!  :) 

Jason started the excavation on a new house!!!  Not for us of course!  For the past year, since our house has been finished, he has been framing, trimming, remodeling, but this is the first full house he has had for quite awhile!  Very exciting!!

Love helping Dad run the excavator!

We set up Wade's new pool set.  While playing with a toy boat in it, Tristan splayed his lip open.  It was our first experience with stitches for our boys!  Because of the location and the prominence of a big scar, we decided that a simple butterfly wasn't going to work this time.  So to the ER he went.

3 stitches

Our very kind neighbors brought a cool balloon and ice cream (which we blended up for him so he could sip it out of a straw).

He also got some transformers from the doctor.  When asked whether it was worth getting stitches for all of the presents, he replied, "Yes!"

I had mentioned that Saturday we ran the pig jig, which is a 5K fun run.  These two watched from the stroller, however Wade was very disappointed that he didn't run, so I think I'll have him do it next year!

Oops...Owen has both legs in one hole.

The start of the race.  I was helping out with a group called Girls on the Run. They needed some running buddies to run with the girls.  My buddy was Sierra, a 5th grader.  I got to support and encourage her as she ran her first 5K!!

Not sure why this one is sideways either.  But Tristan ran the 2K portion of the Pig Jig.  As you can tell, he had a lot of fun!!

Before I could get down the chute the boys were hugging me!  We are doing it again next year for sure!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Firefighter Owen!

Riding the lawn mower with Grandpa!  We enjoyed all the Sandersons visiting!!  

Twins??  I guess Julie's belly is a bit too big!!  But only 3 weeks until we get to meet Baby Farring!!

Jason was lucky he didn't get bucked off!

We took the ferry across and stopped to see Kale and his new digs in Seattle!!

Wonderful Kid-containing backyard.

My little brother and I!

The boys watching the "show"

The stage!