Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We are so excited for convention to start tomorrow! The only problem is that means that preps is ending! It was so fun getting to know all the workers that were there this year. I got to be the official photographer so I snuck my camera in and snapped a picture too! Row 1: Phil, Mary, and Kaija. Row 2: Muriel, Yvonne, Lindi, April, and Kari. Row 3: Craig, Joe, Mark, Steve, Troy, Joe, and Linda.

This morning all of the visiting workers were there, so we got to hear some speak of the countries they are in. What special privileges we have!

Kale and Jaspar

Kale and Jaspar stopped to see us for a few days while they were on a big road trip. We are so glad that they came!! We had a lot of fun showing them around Chelan and Leavenworth. We got to hear Jaspar perform for us in the park. They are a wonderful couple and we miss them already!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lesson Learned?

Tristan throws a fit whenever I microwave his food. The microwave is on the way from the kitchen to his high chair, and he sees his food making its way to him and then it suddenly detours into the microwave, causing a shout, cry, and possibly a few high chair kicks from Tristan. I have tried explaining to him that his food tastes better when I heat it up, but he doesn't quite understand. This morning I took a couple of slices of leftover French toast out of the freezer and I went to the microwave to heat them up for Tristan's breakfast. Of course, he started hollering, and I thought "Fine, I'll just give him the French toast frozen, and maybe he will learn that a microwave is a good thing!" So, I put the frozen French toast on his plate, pour some syrup on top, and wait for him to learn his lesson about the importance of microwaving his food. Well, Tristan proceeded to eat both pieces of FROZEN French toast, and I'm sure there was a smug look on his face the whole time he was eating them!! Lesson learned.....for mom....."Lessons" often backfire in your face when dealing with a 16 month old!
(I do understand that this could be easily avoided by having his food hot and ready for him before I put him in his high chair, but those of you who have had a little 16 month old boy know that sometimes the high chair doubles as a restraining device, so you can prepare his food without having 3 drawers and 2 cupboards emptied out by the time you are ready to feed him.)

The Sanderson Brothers take a little time out from the 2 houses they are building to build a dock.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Tristan wishes all of you mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. Well, Happy Day anyway...he couldn't quite get the "Mother's" part.

Wade's turn to wish you Happy Mother's Day. At least I think that is what he is saying. :)

"Dog-dog, Woof-woof"

My smiley boy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Big Boy!

Thank you very much, everyone, for your concern over our little stroller tipping accident. It is amazing how quickly little guys heal! You can hardly tell that Tristan was ever hurt! Jason is healing a little more slowly. :) I have contacted the stroller company and they requested a detailed report in how the wheel came off. I will do that and see what happens.... Today Wade had his 2 month check-up! 2 months already!! And he is a pretty big boy!! His head is 40 cm (75%), weight is 13 lbs 2 oz (85%), and height is 24 1/4 inches (90%)!! After having Tristan who sits comfortably in the 15% range, Wade seems really big! Even Tristan's ego is going to have to be pretty small when his little brother gets bigger than him! Wade is very healthy and had lots of smiles and giggles for the doctor...until, of course, it was time for the immunizations. Tristan actually cried more than Wade during the shots. He doesn't like anyone to pick on his little brother!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Matching

I'm a little bit afraid...

We were heading down to the ball fields 2 blocks from our house to watch a baseball game, and the front wheel suddenly came off of our double jogging stroller. The front dipped down, and dumped the stroller over, and Jason went flying over the top. It was very scary!!! Wade had been wrapped in a blanket, so he suffered minimal injury. He has a few scrapes on his head. Jason got scrapes on his arm and leg, but Tristan suffered the most. He has scrapes on his forehead, and his lips were pretty beaten up. The worst part is that he chipped his two front teeth. He is acting like himself today, just being a little extra cautious with his mouth. We feel horrible, and are very disappointed in our stroller, which we trusted to keep the kids safe.