Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video Update

A Visit to Kale and Jaspar's

Making a bridge with Auntie Jaspar!

Yum!  Brats and pineapple on the grill!  OK, Kale you look slightly scary in this picture! 

We had a wonderful time!  Thanks for accommodating us!!

Other Randomness

Playing soccer

Grandpa and Grandma are building a new house.  The boys have fun hanging out there!

The boys LOVE Red Robin and ask to go there every time we are in Wenatchee.

We stopped there for lunch with the Barnes/Buckingham clan.

There was a family night at the school.  Daddy and Tristan made paper mache fish, while Mommy, Wade, and Owen painted this cool platter!

The Top Dog and Kid parade on St. Patty's day.

The neighborhood boys that we met up with at the parade!


We went to Rob and Mandy's for a weekend.  While Jason and Rob were golfing, Mandy and I took the boys for a little hike. Turns out they were really tired (and crabby), so I took the two younger ones home for a nap!

We went to Uncle Roy's and said hi to Whisper.

This bull's name is Tristan.  Named after yours truly.  We had been at Roy's about 2 years ago, right when this bull was born.  Tristan (the boy) was so intrigued by all the workings of Roy's ranch, and Roy gave Tristan rides on the tractor and took him all around.  Roy enjoyed Tristan's visit so much, that he named his bull after him.  
This was the first we've been back to see Tristan (the bull).  He is a daddy many times over now!  

Apparently he is quite the ladies man!

The Tristans

Feeding Whisper

Wade's turn.  (I think Whisper ate his hand!)

The boys remembered this swing, and enjoyed it again!

The union meeting in Thompson Falls is at the base of a big cliff.  They always have a herd of Bighorn Sheep in their yard.

Wade's 5th Birthday!

Wade chose to have a LEGO birthday.

He and Becca have birthdays close together, so I made some cream pies for Becca and carrot cake Legos for Wade.  :)

Turning 5 means you get to go to Kindergarten, and Wade is VERY excited to do that in the fall!!!

Owen's 3rd Birthday

Owen wanted a "monster" birthday.  When I asked what he wanted to eat for his birthday dinner, he requested mac n' cheese and sandwiches.  So that's what we had, with a few other fillers.  :)  Hard to believe he's 3!!!!  I officially don't have a toddler anymore!!!

Too Long

I will attempt some updates, as it has been far too long since I've posted.  These are pictures that I have pulled off of Jason's phone, so they start pretty far back!  
Brooklyn is twice the age she was in this picture!  :)

This was Brooklyn's Christmas present.

Tristan had a couple of cavities filled.

The view of Seattle from the Bainbridge Ferry!!

The view of Seattle from our bedroom on Bainbridge Island

The bunkbeds in the making

Waiting for the ferry to Kingston

Fun on the ferry!

I guess he was really tired.

Wade got a butterfly kit for his birthday, so we had fun watching the caterpillars and their change into butterflies.

This one was just coming out of the chrysalis