Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One More

Owen got his second tooth this past Sunday.  He has been a little unhappy about these pieces of porcelain popping through his gums.  I just had to add this picture to the collection of 6 month pictures.  His expression cracks me up!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Months and a Tooth!

Playing at the beach with cousins

Working hard

Auntie DeAnne putting Owen to sleep
Our family friend, upside-down!
Painting at the art festival
My baby turned 6 months old and his first tooth broke through all in the same day!
I couldn't decide which picture I liked best, so I loaded them all!
I couldn't get them all to cooperate at the same time...typical!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Montana Wedding

Playing in Rob and Mandy's pond.  The wedding was set up next to the pond and the wedding party walked around the pond.
The bride and groom practicing
The setting: Rob and Mandy's
This swing (and the doghouse in the background) is more of Rob's handiwork.
At the rehearsal
I can't help but snap pictures of the boys when they are barefoot and doing boy things.
My clown
We also enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner for the rehearsal.  Afterwards, us girls had spa night to help Beth primp for the big day.
Spa night included caramel and chocolate fondue!!!  Thanks Sue!
And Mandy!
Chelsea and I give each other a spa mitt High-5
Owen crashed the girl party, but no one seemed to mind.  :)  He was busy reading anyway!
Lichen and Owen
I got lots of pictures of the wedding, but a lot didn't turn out very well, so rather than bore you with them, I will just post this one.  Isn't that beautiful!?!
Rhianne and I were matching!
This is the other picture I can't resist....boys on fences!!
Ok...now he topped it by sticking his tongue out!
Tristan riding Whisper bareback.  Remember how he wouldn't even ride a pony last week?
The whole group after meeting Sunday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting So Big

Cruisin' the neighborhood
Grandma gave the boys some socks and boxers that grow in the water.  Here the boys are making them...
Here the boys are modeling them.
Now that Owen's a confident sitter-upper, he enjoys this little bath seat.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Claw!
Tristan won a prize (the little octopus) at the puppet show last week.  Owen won the week before, and Wade won the time before that.
Owen loves this baseball toy, when he touches it it makes sounds and lights up.
We have windows and doors!  The rough plumbing, HVAC, and electric are in!
Deck joists
Tristan got all decked out in his cowboy gear to ride a horse at the First Friday events last week.  Then....he chickened out!!  They did win these sunglasses that are just sooo cool!!
That night, there was a neighborhood movie.  They closed down the street and had a 30 foot screen set up in the middle of it.  It was a pleasant evening and all the boys fell asleep!  :)

Our good friends Ben, Bethany, and 2-week-old Charlie!!!  Visiting from Minnesota!  
Josh, Trese, and Branson came too!  Branson wore his Gopher Gear in honor of my Alma Mater!
Owen started getting jealous of me taking pictures of OTHER babies!  :)
It was Josh's 29th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday!
The Brother Pig Pile is getting bigger!!
And check out the new musician in our house!  Scuba Steve!