Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Auntie Lisa

Soccer and Cider

Tristan is enjoying being part of a soccer team.

We went over to Grillos and had a cider pressing party.

Tristan's Art Work

I won't be able to save everything that Tristan has been working on this year, so I thought I would put a couple of them on here and we can admire them for years to come.  This was for Columbus Day.

An apple tree with finger prints.

Pumpkins on a vine done in watercolor.

Christopher Columbus hand puppet.

Apple tree life cycle

Star of the Day

The Lepaks Visit

We went to see the apple run with mom and dad.  I was once again very impressed with how efficient the whole system is.

Our tour guide, Al, in front of some apples out of his orchard.

We spent part of a day in Leavenworth.

Caramel apple pops!

Can't wait to see you soon!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The West Side

The Thompsons wanted a weekend vacation and we were invited to join them!  We drove up to Twisp and met up with them and then all piled into their Suburban for the trek across Hwy 20 to Mt. Vernon.  

Tristan ripped open a little package with his teeth on Sat. and his tooth became loose.  The adult tooth is right behind it and about half-way in!  This is the first loose tooth in our family, so it is quite exciting!  I expect this will be very normal for the next few years! :)

We missed the ferry to the San Juan's, so we hung out in Anacortes for the day.  We first had to go to the famous Donut House.

One in each hand!  :)

Meet you in the middle!

Watching the big yachts and fishing boats down at the marina.

Casually walking and holding hands.  Whenever something would cause them to separate, they always met right back up again as soon as they could.  Tawn and I were laughing about how easy it was for them!  And how not easy it would be in 10 years!  While they were walking they were chatting about the boats.  A few years from now they probably wouldn't be chatting at all.  Each would be lost in their own thoughts about "Is my hand too sweaty?"  "Do you think this mean he likes me?" etc.  :)  teehee

A giant checker board and a chess board nearby.

Walking on the tracks like a train.

Have you ever been to a Hedgehog Show?  Neither had I, in fact, I didn't even know that they existed!  There were hedgehogs to pet, look at, toys to buy, etc.

Hedgehog coloring pages.

A BIG friendly dog

We invaded on Anderson's home and had a wonderful evening with them and the Kitchens.  

Owen and Emmett are only a couple of months apart.  They had fun playing together!

Playing in the fort at the playground

Washington Pass on the way home.  Always beautiful!

Dancing to the music


I can see the mountains!!  The smoke is clearing!  Yippee!!

We had some very special visitors!!

Tristan started soccer practice and loves it!  Getting instructions from their very patient coach!

Tristan enjoys playing and is very good at following his coach's directions!

For some reason I can't write underneath these videos, so I will list them all here.  I have been trying to get some good videos of Owen talking, but that has proved nearly impossible because he starts acting very goofy once he knows he's being recorded.  :)  This first video is of him quietly singing songs.  Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes is the first one.  He skips briefly to No More Kitties Jumping on the Bed before wanting to see the video I recorded.  The 2nd video is of us trying to get him to talk to us about various things.  He gets pretty silly.  All the shaking in the filming is because I am laughing!  The 3rd video is just an audio of him singing the ABC's his own way!  :)  And the 4th video...one of those conversations you never thought you'd ever have...until you became a parent!