Saturday, April 28, 2007

4 Months!!

Tristan enjoys the exersaucer that he got from Carolyn Anderson. It is perfect for him at this age! It has been just in the past week that he started holding onto toys and bringing them to his mouth. Now he needs to be entertained with toys...great... :)

Tristan at 4 months

Randy and Amy Anderson passed their crib on to Tristan, because their kids are too big for it. We really appreciate it! Tristan is still living in the closet, but now he has a nice big bed to hang out in!

Where's Tristan?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Tristan wants to look just like his Daddy!

Here's the cute outfit you gave him, Jess!


The house hasn't been worked on very much at all the past two weeks. Jason and Shawn have been doing a job developing roads for a new development that is going in. They have the contract to do all of the dirt work for the roads and preparing the lots. The basement of the spec house is pretty much framed in.

April Pictures

Tristan holding the Easter Egg he found!
"My Grandma loves to spend quality time with me changing my diaper. I have her well-trained!" :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wisconsin Pictures

We went to see some condos downtown that Dad sold the wood for. Here is Jason and Tristan checking it out.

Then we went to see Garrett at work. They are working on some condos downtown. TKL construction is my cousin Travis's business. Garrett works for him as a framer. Andrew Fonder is in the background.

Tristan on the Sky Track. He is wearing his baseball uniform, because it was the Brewer's opening day.

Mom and Tristan are very tired after a long day!!

More Pictures

Estee with Tristan

Echo has had 25 of her own babies, but she doesn't know what to do with Tristan.

Mom and her grandson.

Tristan and his relatives.

Cammy wasn't going to be able to make it. She called Saturday morning to see what we were doing and tell us that she wished that she were there. All of a sudden she walked in the door! What a great surprise!!! You can tell by Tristan's expression that he was surprised too!

Andrea with Tristan.

4 Generations!!

Estee and I.

More Trip

Tristan standing against the wall.

Woah! Not anymore!

Garrett in his house with the nice floors he just sanded and refinished. They were hiding under a layer of carpet! Who would put carpet over beautiful wood floor like this!

Kale meets Tristan.

Kale eats Tristan!!

Watch this video of Kale making Tristan laugh.

Trip to Wisconsin

Tristan is on his way to the airport for his first trip in an airplane. He is very excited!!

Now he's on the plane and completely wiped out. He did a really good job on the plane. Fortunately his ears didn't hurt! Look how he has his hand tucked under his head! Cute! :)

Tristan being measured for the wall. He is almost the shortest person on there!

Tristan gets to meet his Great-Grandma Lepak.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders.

The House

I haven't taken any recent pictures of the house, so these will have to do. These were taken last week Wednesday. They had just gotten the concrete slabs poured. They currently have the basement pretty much framed in. I will try to get some more recent pictures soon.


We went to Jason's parents' house for the weekend. Eric was up visiting, so he got to meet Tristan.

Eric and his youngest nephew.

Auntie Teana with her niece and nephews. What a group!

Clockwise from the top: Tristan, Teana, Ashlyn, Cody, and Caleb

St. Patty's Day

On our way to the St. Patrick's Day parade. DeAnne's parents and brother were in town, so us girls took the kids down to watch the parade.

Some people have a lot of holiday spirit!!

A fun family parade!