Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wade at 6 months 3 weeks

Wade had his 6 month check-up yesterday, a little late. He is very healthy! The doctor was pleased with his diet, size, and physical development. Wade sat there on the examining table all by himself and grinned at the Dr the whole time! Our "big" boy isn't quite as big as he used to be. It seems he did all of his growing those first two months. He is now 26 inches long (25%), 16 lbs 5.5 oz (25%) and has a 42 cm head (25%). At least he is proportional!
Wade has been scooting around quite a bit. He will also get up on his hands and knees and rock, but doesn't really move forward yet. He also has learned how to do push ups. Auntie Cammy, you would be proud. Here is a video of a portion of his morning workout.

The boys in the bath tub.

There is also a video of him eating his carrot wheels.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The boys and I went to "Fall in Lake Chelan" last weekend. It is a classic car show. It had all of the normal classic cars that don't really interest me much, but I had to take a picture of this one, because it was the only one that looked its age!!

Now that we are in the new house, the boys share a bedroom. It has taken about a week for them to get used to it, but last night they both went down without any crying at all! Tristan is sleeping in a big boy bed, and Wade is in the crib. As you can see, they also share the "boat" while taking a bath!

Tristan showing me his headstand.

Sorry updates have been few and far between lately. We had moving, canning season, and the stomach bug all coincide.

I wanted to share a few things that the boys have been doing lately. Wade loves to inch around in his walker, and spin around in his excersaucer. I have been feeding him solids for about a month, and I'm just about done feeding him solids. Why you ask? He only wants to feed himself!! He loves fruit puffs, chunks of banana, pieces of bread, teething biscuits, anything that he can pick up and put in his mouth himself! If I do manage to get some rice cereal in him, I have to give him his own spoon so he can feed himself while I try to stuff food into his mouth, too. He loves to eat though, and everytime I think that he'll never eat all this, he does and wants more!!!

Tristan has been much better about throwing fits. He is working on saying "Mommy, help." instead of fussing about something. He has an umbilical hernia that he's had since birth, and it causes an "outie" belly button. Lately, he is very interested in going potty like Daddy. It is quite hilarious, though, because he leans over the toilet with his big round belly, and directs his belly button into the toilet. :)

Monday, September 08, 2008


As you might remember, we are renting half of a side-by-side duplex. Our neighbor who lives in the other half is moving. We have decided to move into his half of the house. This house used to be a single family home. When they made it a duplex, they turned the garage into the apartment that we currently live in. There are some pros and cons about each side, but overall, I think the move will be good.
Pros for moving: The new place has 3 bedrooms rather than just 2.
There are 2 exterior doors, so I can go out into the side yard with the boys.
Moving means going through things and reorganizing. (Pro and con) :)
No lawn to mow.
Better blinds.
Bigger living room.
Laundry is not in the kitchen anymore!
Cons for moving: Because our apartment was converted from a garage, the walls, doors, everything is newer than the other apartment.
The bathroom isn't quite as modern.
Less cupboard space in the kitchen.
The layout is pretty weird. Kind of like a maze, whereas our current apartment all opens up into the main room.
We have a peach tree in our current backyard. No peach tree in the new one.
The picture above is Tristan watching the neighbor move. He pulled up his camp chair and watched the fun.

Here is another picture of our boat!

Lake Roosevelt

Labor Day weekend we made our annual trip to Lake Roosevelt. On the way, there was an alien invasion!

Tristan, Ashlyn, and Wade play in the sand.

Wade burying himself.

Cute buns.

3 matching boys...triple trouble!

A view of the camp... There were 2 bathrooms, 2 food tents, 6 boats, 10 sleeping tents, lots of camp chairs, and 29 people.

This is a picture of our "new" boat. It is a 1976 Bayliner. We bought it from some of the friends right before we left for Lk Roos. It has a closed bow, with a cabin underneath. Eric slept in the cabin while we were camping and said that it was very comfortable. The seats also make into 2 more beds, so it can sleep four comfortably. It is obviously an old boat, and somewhat tattered, but it seems to be great for us. I like the deep sides, especially with little ones. Jason and I both waterskiied behind it, and the boat did a great job of pulling us.

One of the food tents.

Randy brought his "deer" to shoot at. Rod and Randy both have new compound bows, with range finders, and scopes. They are both very accurate with them!

Then there's Jason using Dad's recurve...

Climbing the rocks for cliff jumping.

Rob and Mandy Buckingham came for a couple of days!!

The belt broke on Mom and Dad's boat... Here Lewis, or maybe it's Clark, tries to row everyone to safety.

Rachelle with baby Wade

Me with Thing One

All in all, a very relaxing weekend!