Monday, July 31, 2006

Moving Update

We are sort of finalizing our move. We probably won't know where exactly we are going until we are on the road, but we are hoping that things will just work out for us. :) Saturday is when we are planning on leaving. We will have our two vehicles stuffed full of the necessities, and Eric might drive up with a U-Haul trailer in a few weeks with our remaining things. We are hoping to be at Olympia 1 and Milltown 2. After all, we are homeless and what better place to be than convention!! I'm still trying to decide what to do about a job. I am leaning towards a long-term sub position that I can be done with when our baby comes! It is hard to leave Las Vegas and all of the friends here, but we know that it will be an adventure. You have all been such wonderful friends and a great encouragement to Jason and I. Please know that you have a place in Washington to visit! We would love to return some of the hospitality that we have received from all of you. We love you and will miss you!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

We are moving!

Caleb is a boy, despite the headband, and loves to smile at 7 months.

Ashlyn is 4 1/2!

I got to see my nephews and niece. This is Cody (2) wearing my shoes!

We are going to be moving to Chelan, Washington. We will move the first weekend in August. This is the view from the property that we bought to live on. It is so beautiful there! I have mixed feelings about moving. I am excited for a new adventure, but I am very sad to leave my home and my friends. You all have been so wonderful to Jason and I! I will truly miss you!

Monday, July 10, 2006

15 weeks!

Well, we finally have a due date! I am about 15 weeks along and am due on January 2. Jason is hoping it comes early for tax reasons. :) We had an ultrasound today and got to see our baby's legs and arms. We saw him/her moving its mouth and it even appeared to put its hand in its mouth! Jason was a little surprised that it looked like a skeleton. Actually, he referred to it as a furby. Yikes! We are very excited!! :)

A little "bump"! :)