Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Boys!

I have received a few matching outfits for the boys as baby gifts! Thank you so much for them! I love dressing them alike, and they are so cute. These particular outfits are from Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Joey! I can't wait for convention in a few weeks, I think I can make it through the whole convention dressing them as "twins". Speaking of twins, there have been several times when I am out and about and I'll hear, "Oh, look, TWINS!" "What cute twins you have!" Etc... Maybe when the boys are 2 and 3 or maybe 3 and 4, they could be confused as twins, but at this stage, I think it is pretty clear that one is an infant and one is a toddler. Maybe it's just me...

Wade always has a smile on his face! He is so precious!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expressions of Tristan

We went this weekend and got the boys passports. I thought that I could save a little money by getting my own pictures and sizing them just right and printing them. It ended up not working, they needed to be "official". Anyway these were my attempts at capturing Tristan's face.
"Mom, are you taking my picture again?"

"It wasn't me who pulled the tissues out of the box!"

"I know, it was WADE!"

"Ok, so maybe I DID do it, sorry mommy."

"I just want to know why you keep taking more pictures!"

"This is exhausting!"

"My turn to have the camera!"


Smiling Wade

The first precious smiles!

Enjoying the swing

Warm weather is taking awhile to reach us here in Chelan. However, the fruit trees give us hope with their beautiful blossoms! North Central Washington has Apple Blossom Festivals the next three weekends. This is an apricot tree with beautiful lavender blossoms overlooking Lake Chelan and the snow-capped mountains beyond.

Cody and his stuffed animal friends. Oh, wait, that's Wade in there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pam's Pictures

A few weeks ago, Pam Grillo came up and took pictures of the boys as a baby gift! They are so cute! Here are a few of them. Check out Pam's website! By the way, these pictures haven't had any changes made to them. Pam is editing some of the pictures and giving me some prints.

Wade started smiling this past weekend....I have yet to capture one on camera, but when I do I'll be sure to post it!
I have to tell two more stories about Tristan. We have a smoke detector in our house that is very sensitive. It goes off pretty much everytime the oven is on. When it goes off, I usually grab a towel and fan the air under it to make it quit. The other day the alarm sounded, and I had my hands full in the kitchen and couldn't get to it right away. Tristan picked up a bib off of the floor and stood under the alarm and waved the bib! So cute! He wasn't able to make it quit, but it was neat to see what he had picked up on.
Yesterday Tristan had a late and long morning nap. He didn't wake up until almost noon. So, at 2:00 pm when he is usually going down for his second nap, he wasn't quite ready for it. I had errands to run and we were outside quite a bit, so we didn't get back to the house until almost 5 pm. I was thinking that if I gave Tristan dinner I could maybe hold him off and then I could just put him to bed for the night a little earlier than usual. Tristan was having none of that. As soon as we got home, he went into his room and started pulling on his crib saying, "na?na?" He then came out to the living room patted me to get my attention and pointed into his bedroom, "na?na?" I followed him in there where he again tugged on his crib. I put him inside and he immediately curled up and went to sleep. :) I guess he knew what he wanted.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend in Sequim

This weekend we went to Sequim to see the grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc... Wade and his Grandma hanging out.

We got to see Jason's Grandpa Kitchen and Grandpa and Grandma Sanderson. Their health hasn't been all that great and we hadn't seen them since Christmas time, so it was good to see them and introduce them to Wade!

Tristan had a lot of fun on the slide.

On Saturday we went out on the ocean in Mom and Dad's boat. Wade enjoyed a quiet place to sleep on the floor of the boat.

The crazy drivers and navigator.

It was a beautiful day, probably close to 70 degrees, but out on the ocean with the wind we were pretty chilly when we were moving. Teana got to spend all day Saturday with us and even got to spend the night. It was really good to be with her.

The lighthouse at the end of the Dungeness Spit.

Jason was the only one brave enough to go in the water. He walked around on a sand bar and came up with 2 old crab pots. He wanted to take them home and get them cleaned up, but I convinced him that he already had a crab pot (me) and he didn't need anymore.

He did manage to net a crab! Which we admired for a few minutes before throwing it back into the ocean.

The sun was a little bright for little Tristan's eyes, so he borrowed his Auntie Leah's sunglasses.

Jason and Eric on the roof.

This is the house that the guys are building out in Manson.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

1 Month Already!

This is a picture of Tristan when he was 1 month. Notice how the outfit is very big on him and the sleeves are rolled up.

This is Wade at 1 month. Notice how the outfit pulls around the legs, because he can barely fit in it! It is also interesting for me to see how different they really look. At first I thought they looked very similar, but as Wade gets older, he definitely has his own unique look!

Lots of loves

More loves

Every morning Tristan sees his Daddy pick up his lunch box, wave goodbye, and go off to work. The other night, after Jason got home, Tristan waved goodbye, picked up his lunch box and attempted to leave. Very cute! See the video below.