Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My New Role: Tooth Fairy!

Two months ago, Tristan got a loose tooth.  Really loose.  It started to bleed and was just hanging there.  The adult tooth had grown in behind it and was forcing it out.  Two days ago he FINALLY lost that tooth!  Yes, it took 2 months!  Today he lost his 2nd tooth!!!  It also has an adult tooth all grown in behind it!  Here is Tristan after losing his first tooth.

The tooth fairy brought him a Gigantic Paper Airplane book.

Of course we had to make paper airplanes for brothers too!

Today during lunch at school Tristan bit into something.  His already really loose 2nd tooth started to bleed and was just hanging by a thread.  The school sent him home with the tooth necklace that you see hanging around his neck in this picture.  When he got home he informed me how he wanted to pull out his tooth.  hahahah!  

Watch the videos below to see how Tristan's 2nd tooth came out! :)

Turkey Day

The Sanderson family traveled to Welches, OR, near Mt. Hood for Thanksgiving this year.  We rented a nice big house and enjoyed our time together!  Tristan got two early birthday presents from Auntie Carebear and Uncle Sam, Aunt Julie, and Baby Brooklyn.  

Jason had put together a huge Turducken for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was delicious!  A 25 pound turkey with a duck inside of it, and a hen inside of that, all slow-roasted together into 38 pounds of deliciousness!!!!

What a spread!

20 of us!
Eric made omelets for his breakfast!

Mt. Hood.  The peak had snow, but nowhere else.  Very different from 2 years ago when we had several feet of snow over Thanksgiving there.  I didn't get many pictures, but we had a great football game, relaxed in the hot tub, played pool and ping pong, and enjoyed each others company.

The fun continued after returning home.  Carolyn and Owen put together "Neck Soup".  There were also lots of "giblets" added.  

The broth turned out pretty good.  Not sure why he was even attempting to gnaw on the neck!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oveth Photos

We had our pictures taken professionally for the first time as a family!  We had gotten a photo session as a gift and had fun using it!  I had to post almost all of the pictures, because it is very hard for me to narrow them down.  I love them all!!!