Saturday, June 08, 2013


The whole family in Seattle!


A beautiful weekend for a climb up the butte!!  The boys did really well!  Owen got a ride most of the way up, but otherwise they were on their own!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Birthday and burger

Brooklyn turned 1!!  Garrett enjoys a huge burger at blueberry hills!!  Lots of grandparents and grandchildren!!


Well, I finally downloaded the blogger app!!  Because I do most of my picture taking and internet stuff on my phone, this might result in a more frequently updated blog!!  We just enjoyed some wonderful days of convention!  Mom and Dad, Garrett and Sarah, and Cammy all joined us from far away. We expanded our family to include two little kittens.  The boys named the boy Michael and the girl Silit. Tonight as I was getti.g ready for bed, Silit came to the screen on our slider and started meowing.  I went out on the deck to pet her.  After I went back in she was immediately at the screen pawing it and meowing really loudly.  I went out to investigate and she led me over to the side of the porch where Michael had gone down the stairs and was meowing from the yard.  I helped him back up on the porch and they were both happy again.  Glad they have each other to seek out help when they need it.