Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Addisyn

Yesterday, Wade got to meet the other baby girl that is just 11 days older than him.


The family came for the weekend. We got to see pictures and hear all about their trip to Israel. We also got to go to the waterslides! It was a lot of fun!!
Here Julie enjoys kisses from Baby Wade.

Tristan finishing up lunch.

Eric and Joanne

Shawn, DeAnne, and Caleb

Mark taking a break from sliding.

Leah, Ashlyn, and Cody

All 4 boys sleeping at the same time!!!

Wade is licking off the last of his ice cream. :)

Tristan always trying to help out.

I just love this picture!

This one too!

Grandma's touch.


We have had a fruit-filled week. We picked cherries Wed. morning and blueberries in the afternoon. Time to start canning!

Our First Date!

Rod and Carolyn gave me a gift certificate to Campbell's Restaurant for my birthday. The gift also came with free babysitting. This was the first time that Jason and I have gone out to eat without children since before we had any.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping, Crawdads, and Cute Baby Gwyndolyn

This weekend we went camping up at Bonaparte Lake, near Oroville. We were planning on meeting some of the friends up in the state park. Jason and I were providing dinner, but we ended up not finding the campsite until about 8:30 pm. Everyone was very hungry, so we hurried and got the grill going. The Thompsons brought a salad and garlic bread, so that was our first course while we waited for the chicken and potato packs to cook.

Sandy and baby Wade

Tristan in his cool chair.


Brian and Sandy

Kylee and Kiera

Tawn and Gwyndolyn

New little baby

Amy remembered that it was my birthday, and she made me a delicious raspberry pie!!!

The next morning, Wade napped in the shade.

Tristan having breakfast.

Bonaparte Lake

Later on in the day we went over to Mike and Tawn's. We headed up to Spectacle Lake so that Jason and Mike could catch crawdads.

Tristan thinks that maybe he should be ready to punch the crawdad if it gets too fiesty. We used to catch crawdads in WI, but I have never seen crawdads this size before!!

Admiring the catch. (Sunday they caught some more...probably about twice as many as this)

I missed the picture of the crawdads being boiled, but here they are cleaning them.

And, finally, time to eat them. They really do taste like lobster, the claws taste like crab, but they are much smaller, so you don't get the big chunks of meat like you do with other seafood.

Tawn pulling double duty!

Birthday cheesecake!

Gwyndolyn likes to be bounced on the exercise ball. Tristan thought it looked like fun, too, so he got his own ball and baby and started bouncing. :)

Sweet kisses.

Meika Brianna

Dale and Karli had their baby girl Friday night. She looks so precious! She was born at 8:36 pm, weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 in long. Congratulations! We can't wait to meet her!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Well-Child Checks

We have an 18 month and 4 month old. They had their check-ups today, so I thought that I would give you the stats. Wade is not growing as much as he was...65% height, 35% weight. Tristan is still pretty small...10% height and 25% weight. They both did well in cuteness, though! 100% :)

4th of July!

Tristan loves slides! He went down the giant slide that was at the park last week. Then, this past Tuesday we went to the waterslide park here in Chelan.

Our good friends Lars and Tara were here for four days. Their nephew Jaret and Tristan had fun playing together. Jaret is 27 months.

On the 4th, we went out to Rod and Carolyn's for a BBQ picnic. This is Pam (8 months pregnant) and Trese.

We played volleyball, basketball, swam in the pool, ate lots of food, and watched the fireworks.