Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's S(n)o(w) Fun!!!

We got snow this week!  Finally!!!  The boys and some of the neighbor kids set up a ramp alongside our house.  They even had a jump at the end!

Then we went up to Granite Ridge and pulled the sled behind the truck.  Eric met us up there and they really went for a ride!!  I took these pictures from inside the nice warm truck as I was the driver.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!  and SUNNY!!  We really enjoyed being out in the snow because we didn't get COLD!!!  I pulled so many kids on sleds I ended up just needing my t-shirt!  Shawn had a great idea to pull the kids up the hill on their little dirt bike.  It saved lots of walking!  Owen loved riding with whomever was operating the dirt bike at the time.

I enjoyed going down the hill quite a bit too until it got so warm and bare!

Then when the hill lost it's snow, we hooked up Huck and Ollie to the boys and gave them a real ride!  :)  It was fun for Wade until Ollie went bounding through the deep stuff and over a berm and knocked Wade off the sled.  :)

Owen was enough weight for Huck.

Wade hooked up his own dog!

For some reason the boys all needed their shirts off to go out on the deck and throw snowballs at daddy who was shoveling!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Pictures from our CA Trip

It looks like Leah is trying to stab Owen with a knife, but I assure you she is not!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Fun

Owen loves hats and will often find one and wear it around the house.  His vocabulary has been increasing a lot every day!  He can string a few words together!

We like to go to Jared's basketball games!

This weekend was winterfest in town.  One of the features this year was the ice slide.  The boys had a blast sliding down it!

I am always awed by the intricate designs in the sculptures!

The king and princes (or paupers?) (or jokers?)  Winterfest 2012

The boys wanted their picture in front of the ice great dane...even though you can't see it behind them

This mule deer ended up having a cougar sculpted that looked like it was attacking the deer.

The boys favorite!  A choo choo train!

An ice couch with ice coffee tables.

And for the "fire" part of the fire and ice festival..

The Thompsons visited for the weekend. We also hosted a potluck get-together, so we got to see a lot of our favorite people!

Surprise!  I have a relative living near enough to come visit!  Woohoo!  This is my cousin Chase, he just transferred to the University of Idaho!

We took advantage of the day off on Monday to have a playdate!  Of course it was just an excuse for the moms to visit!  Melissa and Henry.

Krystina, Finn, and Kole

We received some wonderful packages today in the mail!  Wade opened up this box from Uncle Garrett and (soon-to-be) Auntie Sarah and said, "Look mom! Angry Bird hats!"  Yes, you could look at them and see that the bird hats were angry, but I was very surprised that he recognized the real "Angry Bird" hats!  Not sure where he's seen that!

The boys trying to look angry!!