Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tristan put on one of Owen's outfits.  Yikes!

Beach fun

Our slumber party with our cousins started with dinner.  While having dinner, the boys watched a water fight take place in the street between the neighbors.  As soon as dinner was over, we broke out the water balloons and had our own water fight. This morning when the boys woke up, the only thing they could talk about was another water fight.  I was kept very busy filling water balloons!!!  They used up a whole bag of 250 water balloons!  What fun!  :)

Surprise 40th Anniversary

Mom and Dad S. celebrated their 40th anniversary in Hawaii!  We weren't able to join them :), so we all surprised them by bombarding their house for the weekend and having a party!  We met up at their local Wal-Mart parking lot, and headed to their house together.  I think there were 7 cars of people!!

They were expecting Julie and Sam, but not all 20 of us!

Care-bear skyped in for the party!

Raspberry cheesecake and strawberry cake!  Owen likes!

Watching the slideshow of pictures of their 40 years together!

Happy Anniversary!

DeAnne worked hard and compiled pictures to put into a photo book for them!

Watching his parents feed each other the cake, made Jason want to reenact our wedding cake cutting.  He did it almost the same, except I'm pretty sure he managed to stuff even MORE cake in my mouth than he did at our wedding!  

One of the families that Mark and Karol do daycare for bought their old house.  They invited us to walk through it so everyone could reminisce of the years spent there!

Jason's hand has grown since this concrete was poured out back!

Even though Leah was 6 when she left that hand print, her hand hasn't grown at all!  :)

C.S. (Carolyn), Jason, E.S. (Eric), J.A.S. (Julie Anne), Leah

Monkey in the tree

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Video Post

Please excuse Tristan's hands in his pants.  Owen is saying "Cheese" in most of these videos!  :)

More Summer Fun!

We had gone fishing with our buddy Eric while we were camping, and then after meeting on Sunday we had Subway with him too!  He is a good friend and we will miss him as he is heading off to new adventures!

Getting wet is what we do best!

We went to Robisons house to pick raspberries and cherries.  Owen was eating as he picked!

These cherries are for you, Leah!

We love to go to the lake!  We have been going 6 days a week, even though it has been cool and cloudy a lot!  Tristan decided he likes to "scarf" the waves.  He attacks them by punching them.  I think punching a wave is a good way to get his "punching tendencies" out of his system!

Stick beach is our favorite.  

We don't get to see much of the Farmer's Market when the sheep, "Miss Mundy" is there.  Owen wants to watch her the whole time!

There was a sweet barn owl there this week.  The boys were dressed in their cowboy clothes, because after the Farmer's Market we watched the Rodeo Parade!

Mitchell Creek Camping

Last weekend we took the boat up lake to Mitchell Creek to camp.  There is a dock with several campsites alongside a creek that is running into the lake.  We didn't have the best weather, but we had fun hanging out at camp!  Heading up was pretty windy, and there were lots of logs on the lake, so we had to be careful!

Watching the sunset after setting up our tent.

Chips and smores, yum!

Tristan and this hatchet are camping buddies.  He was hoping that this picture showed off his muscles.....uh huh....

"Look at this piece of wood I chopped off, Mom!"  I was focusing more on the leg he was ABOUT to chop off!  Yikes!  (He came home completely unharmed from all his hatcheting!)

Playing in dirt all day is just what Owen loves!

A sort of cool day with cold he going to jump in?

He did it!   hhahaah

Our camp was under this GREAT tree!  Everyone had a turn climbing it!

Heading out to go fishing!

Cleaning the 5 silver salmon that they caught!  

Wade was "too little" to catch any fish, but I guess he was big enough to hold one!

Cooking them up!  They were delish!!

Owen likes fish apparently!  Now he's onto the tuna!

One of the boats that was docked by ours had some tunes going, so the boys had to bust a move!

A hike up the river to a cool cave!

View from the top!  Do you see our tent down there?

We had a great trip!  There are lots more camping sites all the way up the lake.  I can't wait to try another spot!  :)