Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Helicopter Ride

We got to take a helicopter ride in May.  All 5 of us fit into the copter with the pilot.  We took a 45 minute tour of the Chelan area.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing familiar sights from the sky!  It got a little choppy at times, so 45 mins was just long enough!  :)
Mom and Dad's house from the air.  Wave!

Convention Grounds

Our house!

The boys got to wear headsets to talk to the pilot.
Thanks for the awesome ride!  As the copter took off after dropping us off, something fell out of the copter with an orange flag attached.  The boys ran through the field to see what fell and it was a package of starburst!  

Sunday, September 07, 2014


I need to post about the Axe story so I can remember it for many years to come. During Chelan convention Jason was showering the boys. Tristan reached for the Axe shower gel and began squeezing some into his hand. Jason immediately said, Do you know what you're doing?!?!" Tristan looked shocked and scared until Jason read the back of the bottle, which said "Unleash the chaos....Unlimited female attention.. etc" Tristan continued to lather up but the other two boys stayed far away saying, "Gross, get that away from me!" A minute later I heard the top pop again and there are Wade and Owen squeezing  shower gel on their hands. I asked Owen who are you freshening up for? He replied in a shy voice, "Aura!"  When I asked Wade he stated, "I don't know, there are so just so many girls!"