Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Shawn and DeAnne took Ashlyn to a show in Spokane for her birthday. Cody and Caleb got to spend the night with us.

The next day was Ashlyn's party with her school friends. We got to tag along! The birthday girl could use a few teeth if anyone is wondering what to get her. I'm thinking she might have to wait until Christmas.

Tristan helps me vacuum.

As you may have seen in the previous post, Rebekah and Chloe came and spent the night with us. Ouch, Wade!

New Bloggers!

Jeff, Rebekah, Chloe, and Baby #2 have a blog!!! Yeah!! The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! Now we can get daily updates on Chloe and up-to-the-minute views of Rebekah's growing tummy. I'm SURE that Rebekah will be the ever-dedicated blogger, so it will be really fun to watch their family grow! Check out their brand-new blog!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Other News

A couple of weeks ago, I put my name on the Substitute Teacher list in our school district. Jason hasn't been working everyday, so I thought that if there was a day where they needed a sub, and Jason wasn't working, and I wasn't working at the daycare, maybe I could sub. Well, all of those stars aligned twice this week! So, I subbed in the high school for a Pre Calc/Trigonometry class and 3 Algebra 1 classes. It was a lot of fun!
In Wade news, he cut his first 2 teeth on Wednesday!!! They are the two lower middle teeth. I thought he ate everything before, so I wonder what's going to happen now that he has chompers!!!!
Tristan has gone potty in the toilet 5 times!!! He comes running to me saying, "Potty, potty, potty," and takes off into the bathroom. I follow him and help him with his diaper. Then, after he's gone, we make a big deal about it and give him a piece of candy to help encourage this behavior!! I'm not pushing it at all, as he's not even 2 yet, but I will definitely encourage it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jason's Buck

We had a few requests for a picture of Jason's buck. Here ya go! I feel like we really got some good meat. At Aunt Linda's suggestion, I canned some. I've never had canned venison, but I'm excited to try it. I also made some of my mom's famous venison summer sausage. Well, I don't know how famous it is, but I really like it! Jason left tonight to bow hunt elk, so I hopefully I'll be able to take another picture similar to this next week! I suppose with an elk, though, the table would be a bit fuller.

Portland Basketball Tournament

Last weekend we ventured South and West for a basketball tournament. A bunch of the friends from surrounding states and provinces get together for a few friendly games. :) The tournament was in Woodland, WA, but we stayed with Julie in Gresham, OR. We took a family picture, mom!!!

The team Jason was on consisted of other guys from here in North Central Washington. On the way over, they stopped at the Nike Outlet store and bought "team uniforms". So, just before they took the court for their first game, they ripped off their warm-up sweats to reveal these..... Yi JianLian jerseys and shorts from the China Olympic team. It was quite amusing!

Here are the guys.
l. to r. standing: Jeremy, Braeden, Joel, Geoff, Jason
squatting: Josh and Forrest

We had a lot of fun watching the games. I got to see a few of my friends from growing up!! The boys enjoyed it, too, but were exhausted by the final game.

Here is the traveling trophy. It says Tournament Champions Annual Friendly Basketball Invitational. Their were 10 teams and our team (officially called North Central Washington, not China) did a really great job. The first game seeded the teams and then it was single elimination after that. The guys won their first game to get a good seed, and then won the next two which got them into the championship game against a team from Alberta (which included Jessica's brother, Collin!!) The good guys ended up losing in a close battle, so this trophy signifies what might have been. They had a lot of fun, and Jason definitely wants to play again next year.

Tristan enjoyed the Golden Oreos that Auntie Julie brought. He kept opening them up and eating out the frosting, and we assumed he was eating the cookie too, so we kept giving him another one at his request. A few cookies later, we found a little bag that he was stuffing all of the frostingless cookies into. He also gave one to Wade, as you can see in the picture above this one.

It was fun sitting on the sidelines with the other wives or girlfriends. Trese was a big help with the boys!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous post, Jason's grandmother passed away. We went to Sequim to the funeral. Here are Leah and Wade enjoying an early morning snooze.

Uncle Eric does a good job getting Tristan and his long hair ready.

Our chariot awaits...

The Sandersons
l. to r. standing: Eric, Shawn holding Caleb, Leah, Jason, Grandpa (Richard), Aunt Laurie, Dad (Mark) holding Wade, Mom (Karol)
sitting: DeAnne holding Cody, Ashlyn, Me holding Tristan, Carolyn, Teana, and Julie

Wade really enjoyed his Auntie Care Bear

The next 3 pictures were supposed to be in reverse order... This is Tristan enjoying the smoothie.

Jason helping Cody make smoothies properly.

Jason was making everyone smoothies. Cody was standing nearby watching, and when Jason went to the fridge to get more juice, Cody thought he'd hit the switch himself. Without a hand on top of the blender, the smoothie went everywhere. It was quite entertaining watching Cody clean himself off. :) As you already saw, Jason let Cody help him with the rest of the smoothies, and we all got to enjoy them!!

The Sanderson Clan

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Ashlyn had been pushing Wade around in this doll stroller and lulled him to sleep.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately....here's what has been going on.
Jason's grandmother passed away, so we spent last weekend in Sequim for the funeral.
We all have had a cold that has been keeping us somewhat under the weather.
Jason went hunting for the late season modern firearm and shot a buck! So, that is currently hanging in our shed waiting to be butchered.
We leave today for a basketball tournament that Jason is in with a lot of the friends, so I will have pictures of that for you next week!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

22 Months and 8 Months

In honor of the boys monthly birthdays, I lined them up for a photo shoot. They were pretty good sports about the whole thing, although they both had drippy noses and drooly mouths, which is apparent in some of the photos.


Tristan goes for a ride in the excavator.

The guys are building a retaining wall up at the spec house. This is obviously a "before" picture.

We had cousins Ashy, Coco, and Caybo over to make pumpkin candy necklaces and to decorate cookies.

Tristan makes....surprise....a mess!!!

For Halloween they were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Tristan didn't know what to think...he was pretty terrified of the scary masks that some people had on.

I decorated pumpkin cookies with all the daycare kids. I had to help Wade eat his... :)

When the neighbor moved he left this deer standing in the bushes. It is a bit of an eyesore, but the boys enjoy riding on it.