Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You may remember that Owen knows how to say, "Wow!"  In fact, it's one of the few words he says that I can understand.  (He talks all the time, I just can't understand much of it!)  The other day, he leaned over to pick something up and passed a ton of gas.  He stood up, looked at me, formed his mouth like an "o" and said "WOOOOOW!"  I agreed!

I love how Owen swings his right arm when he walks.

Tristan's mosquito bite is getting better.  His eye looks like it did Sunday morning, about halfway swollen shut.  He's had to answer lots of questions about it the past couple of days.  Yesterday on the way home from the grocery store, he said, "Mom, can we get a piece of paper and you can write 'Tristan has a mosquito bite.'  Then everyone will know and everyone will know my name too."  I think it's a brilliant idea!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oroville Weekend

We got to spend this weekend in Oroville.  Lydia and Owen are ready for the beach!

The water was so high at Palmer Lake that there was no beach!

It was very beautiful!

I guess the swim trunks I packed were a little big!

My buckethead

Buckethead making a waterfall

Lydia was concerned that Owen didn't have any pants on, so she went and got hers and tried to give them to him!

Tristan had fun with the drum. So did Wade.....at 6:15 Sunday morning....

Tawn and her birthday girl!

Tristan insisted we bring marshmallows in case we had a bonfire.  So, Mike appeased him in a big way!

It was a little too hot and the sticks were a little too short to really do much roasting.  Also, this is about the time when a little itsy bitsy mosquito stung Tristan on his eyelid. 

Apparently he's really allergic to mosquitos!

24 hours later it's even more swollen.  This morning it is even MORE swollen!

Sleepover Party

Dress-up with the Sandersons! 

Mowing our new lawn for the first time!  Every good mower needs a mentor to help!

Tristan and Olivia spent 2 days talking about a sleepover they wanted to have.  Thursday morning, Tristan woke about 6:45.  I heard him downstairs waking up and getting dressed.  He usually comes up for breakfast then, but I didn't hear him for awhile.  I peeked outside and saw he was up at the neighbors' house.  I called him back and asked what he was doing up there.  He said he was talking to Eric.  He rang their doorbell at 7am!  I texted Eric to apologize for the early morning door bell ring.  His response, "I wasn't as concerned about the wake-up call as I was that Tristan was asking if he could have a sleep-over with my daughter!"  :)

So a sleep-over it was!  Complete with a tent and popcorn!

Everyone enjoyed chocolate pudding!  Even the dinosaur!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Fun

2 decks of playing cards + 1 hour of time = A marvelous castle!  :)

In the dug-out

This is Will.  I've been watching him a couple of days a week.

Running the bases.

Ashlyn and AJ have been planning this wedding for weeks!  Sweet Olivia was supposed to marry Tristan, but no one asked Tristan about it, and when the moment came he got cold feet.  Cody happily filled in for him.  Then, AJ had to have a turn to be the bride, and even Ashlyn donned the veil and took a turn!

This was how Wade celebrated the wedding!

The happy couple!

Sue's pinning ceremony for becoming an RN.  I'm just a little worried that her new job is going to interfere with her social life!  :)

After the ceremony we went to the park to celebrate.  As well as celebrating the graduation, we celebrated Sue and Cody's birthdays as well!

Good friends solving all of the world's problems.

Cody's cool new airplane!

He hasn't learned that he can't use his hands in soccer yet.

The graduate and birthday girl!

Fun at the park

2 of a kind

Big shoes to fill!

We hosted Father's Day lunch at our house after meeting. 

Owen and one of his very favorite people!

I promised pictures the next time we went out on the boat.  Last night was hot, so we hit the lake!  We picked up a pizza and ate dinner on the boat!

Loves being on the boat!  I can't give him any snacks, because he will just feed them to the ducks/geese.  Owen likes to say "yaya" with the other boys when we go under a bridge.  That has been a tradition since the boys were very young.  They like the way their voices echo under the bridge.

Loves the boat, not sure about the water when he can't touch the bottom.

Tristan not wanting to swim.

Now he's having a blast.  The sandbar is just about gone for good, as the lake level keeps on rising.

Did you hear that we have another wedding in the family?  You probably know that Eric and Aura are getting married in September, but now Garrett and Sarah are getting married as well!  The boys get to be ring bearers in their wedding!  So, we get to make another trip to Hilton Head Island!  I hear March is the perfect time to be there, too!  I think that the new Sarah Lepak will have a big name to fill!  heehee :)