Monday, April 18, 2011


Wade likes to count.  I've been trying to get him on video, but he always gets so distracted as soon as the camera's on.  :)  By the way, he fell off his scooter last week.  The last of his wounds are just healing up, but that is why he has scabs on his face!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long Overdue (But not as overdue as Jason and Sue's Post) :)

Buzz and Woody have invaded our house.

This picture was from St. Patty's Day when we had one of my favorite meals!!!  Can you guess what it was?

At the parade

After the parade, the boys rode their car up and down the street throwing candy.  Next year maybe we'll be in the parade instead of watching it.

The boys love hiking up the hill behind our house.  This is Tristan with our neighbor, Kole.

Julie and Sam came to visit one weekend and we went for a walk on the beach.

One year down, many more to go!

Stuck in the mud!

Dirty Wade getting a generous ride from Uncle Sam!

Cody was helping Tristan 

Little love bug

Cheesiest grin ever!

Owen walks quite a bit now.  He still crawls more, but it's good to see him finally trying this walking thing on his own!

How Owen entertains himself while I'm making dinner.  (Don't ask what's in his mouth, you'll tell me I'm a bad mother!)

The other way Owen entertains himself while I'm cooking!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Better

Getting ready to go home after 3 days.

I had some help with the kiddos so I could spend most of my time at the hospital with Jason.  Thanks to Eric, Jared, Carolyn, and Mom and Dad.

Jason was feeling much better after his hospital visit. 

Relaxing on our deck after getting home.  It was a beautiful day!

Grandma took the boys for a hike.

Our backyard is pretty steep and untamed, but lots of fun for my treasure-hunting boys!

Ready for summer!


Friday, April 08, 2011

Belated Posting

I do realize that I haven't updated in way too long.  We had a fun weekend in MT last weekend, so I want to show you some pictures from our trip.  Our trip ended with a rush home and several days in the hospital for Jason.  He got an infection and has been getting hammered with antibiotics via IV.  We are hoping to go home today, so we will have some more happy posts soon!