Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week In Review

Our buddy Conrad pushed the boys on the tire swing at Chelan Falls Park.

Owen's 1st finger painting.

The experts show us how it's done!

We got to spend 3 days at Olympia convention.

Brotherly Love

Tristan is in time out, Wade is supporting him.

I got to watch Lydia and Gwyndolyn while Tawn worked on Tuesday.  Then, we enjoyed some pool time!

My boys made great strides in their swimming skills on Tuesday.  Tristan has been swimming in the water with a life jacket, but Tuesday he decided he didn't need a life jacket anymore.  Wed. while he was swimming he put on a mask and started swimming under water, and today he started snorkeling!  He would swim for 3-4 minutes without coming up or touching the floor, just breathing through the snorkel!  
Wade has been content playing in the kiddie pool and on the steps.  He will only go out into the deeper water if I am holding him.  But Tuesday he put on Gwyndolyn's cool life jacket (pictured above) and immediately jumped into the water! and continued swimming!  
Owen put on this life jacket as well and started swimming across the pool by himself!  

Gwyndolyn was super brave!

Morning snuggles

Snuggle turned into a tackle.

This was Tristan snorkeling today.

We got to go to a baby shower that was one big play date.

How many kids can fit around a picnic table?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wild Rumpus

Tristan came upstairs this morning and said, "Let the wild rumpus begin!"  So now thanks to our current-favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are, we have a name for the chaos that ensues at our house!  :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


"If you don't be good bees will sting you, but if you do be good they make you some honey!"  As he's eating fresh applesauce sweetened with honey.

Aura's Bridal Shower

We hosted a bridal shower for Aura.

Her mom has a beautiful house!  The wedding will be outside in the yard!

Terra (Aura's sis), Aura, Shirley (Aura's grandma), and Peggy (Aura's mom).  If you think they look alike,  you should hear them talk!  You can't tell their voices apart!!

Aura asked that we bring items to donate to the humane society instead of bringing gifts, but we decided that we would just get Eric a gift.  So, this is Eric's gift, Aura just has to wear it!  She kind of figured that we would do this, so she had her hat and sunglasses handy to help hide her.  :)

And of course, what would a shower be without a toilet paper bride.

or two!

Sanderson Weekend

Ashlyn and Teana tubing

In the past week, all of my boys have gone tubing with me!  They didn't want to, but I managed to convince them that they would have fun, and they did!  They had so much fun that they convinced their cousin Caleb it was fun!  Here is Caleb tubing with me.

Unfortunately I don't have any of my boys tubing, I'll try to have someone take some next time we're out.

While we were tubing, Ashlyn put Owen to sleep!

Saturday we made our annual trip to the waterslides here in town.  This was nap time!

After the waterslides, we took the boats out again to enjoy the evening!

3 boats tethered together made for a fun time!  We brought some pizzas out with us for dinner.

The bride-to-be was making Owen crack up!

Leah and Jason tried skirfing (sp?).  It looked fun!  I'll have to try it sometime!

She's up!

The full moon looked huge on the horizon, so I taught Sam the trick I learned in Astronomy 1010 that if you look at the moon from between your legs, it looks normal sized.  :)  Then I had to take a picture of him doing it!

It WAS a big, beautiful moon!

The other side of the lake had the sunset!

Summer is HERE!

Buzz Lightyear!

Fun at the beach with Emily and Jonathan!

Snack time!

Stuffing them in as fast as he could

We love stick beach, because there is sand that leads gradually into the water and lots of sticks to play with!

1st Friday events included new fire fighter hats!

And a fun bouncy house!

We had a plethora of boys around one Saturday

Popcorn on the boat

More stick beach, this time with some bigger kids!

I was a little nervous about this fort collapsing on our heads.

Bryce and Rylan speared a FISH!

Owen and Molly

We had an evening picnic in the park and watched this house burn across the lake!  We were feeling so bad, and then we found out it was a condemned house that had a meth lab inside, and decided we didn't mind that it burned.