Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. -Dr. Seuss

Carolyn is retiring from daycare.  We had a picnic for her with lots of past and present daycare kids!

A small sample of the lives that she touched!

Thank you Carolyn for everything you have done for us!

Baby Brooklyn

We went to Sequim to meet our new niece Brooklyn!!  Isn't she adorable!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy are pretty cute too!

"I hold baby" was often heard throughout the weekend.  Here he is holding her again!  :)

My turn!
Oh...wait...Hi Carolyn!

Jason trying out the tummy time turn-table.

hmmm...I don't think she likes it!

Hard to believe that Tiny Baby used to be that tiny of a baby!

On a walk to the river.

Never be the first to fall asleep at a party...or after meeting apparently!

One more picture of the precious baby!

Storytime with Grandma

Teagan became Owen's friend.


While mom and dad were visiting, we took a short trip to Seattle to see Kale!  This is where he works!

The view from his office.

Blue trees

Jumbo chess board

The famous gum wall

Lunch by the water

A horse drawn carriage ride

Sweet Pete our horse.

Water Works park was a lot of fun!

Of course they all had to climb on the structures!

hahah  He was like a sticky monkey!!  Just clung there!

The troll under the 15th St. bridge!


Owen lounging around waiting for a ride on the mower.

One morning we made breakfast for about 45 workers and friends.  Datch was the main dish!  Egg/Sausage Scramble, bacon and toppings too!

They found a butterfly who's wings were wet and damaged.  They let it dry out and then if flew away!

The funniest face is Allyson!  :)

Family Fun Day!  Ashlyn's class happened to be in there, so she helped Owen through the obstacle course.

We saw this on a drive we took!

Another day at preps, we made our annual pig pile.  

And ice cream sundaes!