Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Wade

Wade is pretty much sitting up on his own now. He still folds in half or topples to one side now and then, but he does a pretty good job on his own.

I caught these adorable pictures of him, and then I decided to pose him.

I made the mistake of trying to add Tristan to the picture.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Car vs. Bike

Tristan calls everything motorized a bike. The only exception is that he calls an airplane by the correct name. Cars, trucks, bikes, and motorcycles are all "bikes". In this video, you'll hear him calling the car a bike, and then we practice the sounds in the word car. He does just fine pronouncing "ca" and "ar", but then to put it all together, we still get "bike". :)

Diaper Boys

Last week was very hot. The boys spent several days in just a diaper.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Omak Stampede

This past weekend was the Omak Stampede. We went and toured around the fair before the rodeo started.

We met up with Mike, Tawn, and Gwyndolyn. I have a great picture of Wade and Gwyndolyn, but I didn't get it off of mom's camera before she left, so I will try to get that for you to see.

Tawn and 6-week-old Gwyndolyn

Mike and Jason

Tristan loved watching the horses run around the arena. After the rodeo is the Suicide Race, where horses run down a steep hill, into a river, out the other side, and into the arena for the finish. We only caught a glimpse of the race, because of all the people.

Mom's Visit

My mom has been with us for the past week. We had a lot of fun just doing normal Chelan things.

We went to the park.

When I took Wade to his 4 month appointment (over a month ago), the Dr. recommended that I start him on rice cereal. I tried half-heartedly a few times to give him some, because I thought maybe it was still pretty early. Last week was the first time that I actually put him in the high chair and fed him. He liked the high chair....not the cereal so much...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


We headed south on a trip to Colorado to see family and for my cousins wedding. We left Wednesday afternoon and drove straight through to Rocky Mountain National Park. As we approached the mountains, we saw that the trees were a beautiful collage of green and red. As we neared, we noticed that they were not red, but dead! Beetles have killed about half of the trees on the west side of the park.

A view from Trail Ridge Road.

We stopped at a scenic overlook to take a picture. We thought that we would get a picture of the two of us. A kind woman offered to take it for us. She said that she took two, just to be sure she got a good one...


Jason falling off the cliff.

Jason jumping off the cliff.

A small herd of bull elk.

My cousin Alyssa, Barry, and their boys live just outside of the park. That was our next stop. We spent Thursday evening and the night with them. Lots of relatives were there for dinner.

Here Tristan, Andrew, and Brayden all entertain Wade.

The boys...Tristan, Wade, Carson, Brayden, and Andrew in the front.

Friday our brakes started grinding. Jason went and got them fixed while we went to the Butterfly Pavilion. This is Rosie the tarantulla.

Tristan liked the tropical fish.

Beautiful butterflys

The boys and I, mom, Scott, Lynette, Ainslee, Chase, and Kylie all were there.
Kylie holding Wade

Aunt Lynette and Tristan

Tristan is a little bee in the honeycomb.

Next we went to the hotel where we would be staying and went swimming. We met up with Garrett and Dad there.

Ainslee and Uncle Scott

We went to a BBQ in the park for the rehearsal dinner. It was catered by Famous Dave's!! Yummy!! Tristan was exhausted and fell asleep holding the volleyball.

The next morning was the wedding of Shane and Nikelle. I didn't get many pictures of the wedding. It was too hot to think about much of anything. 105 degrees, and it was an outdoor wedding with no shade. Fortunately there was a tent for the reception, so at least we were out of the direct sunlight.

This is my brother Gar-Har.

Nikelle and her dad.

After the wedding, we went back to the hotel to enjoy the air conditioning and the pool. Here's Estee!

The two Tristans.

I got to see several people that I haven't seen in several years. Elmer and Lindsey Lehman and their two boys. This is Elmer with Carter.

And my friend Summer, sister of the bride.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures of all of the relatives, but here's Aunt Joyce, Uncle Anders, and Taylor

Saturday night we went to Scott and Lynette's for the night, and we went to meeting with them in the morning. We left from meeting to head home. Mom came back with us, and she did most of the driving!! We saw some cool rocks going through Wyoming.

This beautiful sunset marked the halfway point on our return trip. We got home in time for Jason to work on Monday.