Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Updates

Over SuperBowl weekend we went to a condo with the Shepherd Family.  It was fun to be together!

Owen and his girls.

A chilly walk from the pool.

MacKenzie River Pizza with more friends!

Lauren, Marley, and I

It was Cody's first birthday, so he got an awesome dessert.

It was such a beautiful afternoon that the boys had lunch out on the deck.  They had to pop their heads in to show me their new smiles!
I had to take a picture of Tristan filling out valentines for his class.  It brought back many memories of sitting at the dining room table with my siblings and agonizing over which valentine to give who.  Friends were easy, but which one do you give to the boy in front of you who smells bad and picks his nose.  Or worse, the boy across the room who is kind of cute!  hahahhah  remember that?  It was fun watching Tristan read each name and decide which valentine to give.  He often had a little commentary on why he was giving each kid the one he chose.

Carefully writing each name!

This past weekend we had a long weekend for President's Day, so we headed across the mountains to Bainbridge Island.  We met up with several other families and stayed together in a beautiful house on the island.  The view was spectacular!

On Saturday we went to Poulsbo to the Marine Museum and harbor.

Brian showing Owen a starfish.

Lots of things to see in the harbor.  From left to right, Zoe, Jill, Gwyndolyn with Bryson directly behind her, Toriana, Wade, Tawn, Tristan, Brian, and Kendra.

A kid for every leg!  Fortunately they didn't all pull at the same time, and this starfish survived!

In the museum there was a touch pond.  It was a big hit!

Tristan had lots of questions for the volunteer.

Cool magnifying tubes to look through.

We had lunch in a park with the sun!!  The boys found a nice warm rock and had their lunch up there.  Tawn had to really stretch to get them their sandwiches!

Yum!  Dessert?
Only 7 of the 13 kids are pictured here.  There were 13 kids on Saturday and Tristan was the oldest!!!!  Crazy!  Also, there are 2 babies on the way!  
All 13 kids in order by age...maybe...:  Tristan, Toriana, Wade, Gwyndolyn, Kendra, Zoe, Lydia, Owen, Bryson, Teagan, Kayla, Kenzie, Isaiah

Yes it rains a lot on that side of the state, but a double rainbow is a pretty cool bonus!  Especially if you are only there for the weekend and don't have to have the daily clouds/rain.

Seattle at night from the hot tub!  We thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend on the beach!  Thanks Lonseths!

After we got off the ferry in Seattle, we picked up Kale and took him to The Lucky Diner for lunch.

Kale and his nephews

This week Mom and Dad S' house started going up.  Yesterday was floor joists, today they sheeted it.

My bader boys peeking up between the joists.