Monday, April 23, 2012

A Weekend of Firsts

This was the first time we've ever attended 2 fire truck birthdays in 2 days!!  The boys can't get enough fire trucks, though, so it was more than fine with them!!!
Kellen turned 3!!

FF Jones was very patient with the onslaught of rugrats!

Very cool (hot) cupcakes!

We went to our first baseball game of the year!!  I know, I took a beautiful picture of the chain link fence!  That's Jared!  He just threw the 3rd out and was walking back to the dugout where he promptly got a base hit and then stole 2nd!

Chelan's 1st festival of the season was the Earth Day festival!  Tristan had fun painting.

It was so hot that we had to bust out the splash pad and the slip and slide for the first time!

Sweet soaking-wet Finn!

Our first BBQ outside of the season!!  Yum!!

Fire truck birthday #2!

Even Sparky came!

Different kids, same truck!  :)

Owen likes little Faryn!

Logan turned 4!

After gospel meeting we got some dinner and ate at a park down on the river in Wenatchee.

And then today because it was so nice and hot we had our first beach day of the season!  

The temp was 80 or so, but the water is still quite cold!!  I don't know how these guys do it!

Another first of the year!  It's warming up, so out come the snakes!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our week!

Tristan: Kole gave me a little piece of Karl (as he shows me a object that looks suspiciously like a bone...) Me: Umm....can I see that? and who is Karl??? Tristan: I don't know, Kole told me I could keep this piece of Karl. Me: (closely inspecting, but not dare touching "Karl") OH!! A piece of coral!! That's fine, then

Remember doing this?

We got to hang out with the Thompsons on Saturday.  We played at Caffe Mela!

And played at the fun playground at Rocky Reach Dam

The sentry keeping watch on the fort.

The brothers were clowns today!
I finally got around to taking the boys birthday interview videos.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break in Portland

Before we left, Wade brought me the first wildflowers of Spring from the hill behind our house.

We took the train from Wenatchee to Portland with a stop-over in Seattle.  The first leg of the trip we were upgraded to a sleeper car, because there weren't enough coach seats for us.  Owen got sick on the train, and again here at the train station in Seattle.  Throughout the rest of the weekend, we all got a small dose of it!  Ick!

Our spots on the way to Portland.  We loved the table so we could play Go Fish!

The first thing we did when we got to Portland was to go with Julie to her prenatal appt.  This is the hospital where she will deliver little baby Farring.

Friday we spent shopping around Portland.  Jason got some tools and we played at the park for awhile.

The floating houses on the river.

That's my boy!

We went downtown with Dan.

The ice rink in the mall.

We got in lots of MAX riding.

Our wonderful hosts!

A cousin of Sam and Dan's hosted an Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ on Saturday.  She had a beautiful home with this little "jail".  Tristan, Dan, and Laila got locked in.  :)

There were 1100 eggs and about 25 kids, so the boys did pretty well!

It took Owen a minute to wake-up and figure out how to hunt for eggs, but once he caught on, there was no stopping him!

Tristan ended up with 2 baskets full!

Getting a chance to hit the pinata!

The bunny car!

Who's that cute little bunny?

Loved this cake!

Our trip home