Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tristan's New Friend

Tristan has been getting a little bit lonely having to play by himself all day. Last week, however, he found a new playmate. Now he plays with his buddy, who is about the same age as him, almost everyday. Here is a video of Tristan and his friend. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I don't know if I ever told you about Tristan's nickname: Squishy. Jason started by calling him Squishtan, which quickly became just Squishy. It has since evolved into Squish, Squishmeister, Squishyface, Squishypants, or whatever seems appropriate at the time. The nickname is very fitting, however, because Tristan can also be found making Squishy in his diaper, or he might have Squishy coming out of his mouth, and if you squeeze his thighs, they really are quite Squishy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Updates

Floating...with the help of a life jacket.

Tristan and I went to Slide Waters with Carolyn, DeAnne, Amy, Rachel, and Bonnie and ALL the kids. Tristan loved it! There were actually 6 waterslides that I could take Tristan on. He seemed to really like it. He kicked his feet the whole time! Here he is looking like a stud...wrapped in Ashlyn's Princess towel???

Into everything!

Summer in Chelan means forest fires. There have been many already this year, but this is the first that we could see from town.

26 years!

Jason and I have been putting Tristan in the backpack, hopping on our bikes, riding down to the river, and jumping in!

On the way home!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trip to Wisconsin

Tristan meets his Great-Great-Aunt Barbara.

First visit to a Wisconsin dairy farm.

We went to Summerfest for the day. Here is a view of the bay.

Peaceful in Auntie Cammy's arms!


Tristan enjoyed the fireworks! The Milwaukee Lakefront fireworks are the best I've seen. Every year they have them on the 3rd. This year, the show was a full hour long with 3 main sites where the fireworks were launched. There are fireworks from every direction.

Watching the fireworks in the rain!!

Waiting for the fireworks with the relatives.

Neale holds Tristan as he nibbles on his toes.

Kale and Jaspar Lepak

Tristan was very excited to be at Kale and Jaspar's wedding.

The wedding was held in Theodore Wirth park in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful wooded area.

Reception Hall

The Family

The Wedding Party (l. to r.: Ushers Sarah Sanderson and Camala Lepak, Maid of Honor Christina, Best Man Garrett Lepak, Groom Kale Lepak, Bride Jaspar Loes, Musicians Andrea Loes, Janelle Loes, and Gina Loes, Flower Girl Kaelyn Loes)

The High 48s were the bluegrass band that played for their reception.