Friday, April 30, 2010

Annika Mae

Isn't she beautiful?????  Both Mom and Baby!!!
Alesha and Lane had their baby last night.  Annika Mae.  She weighs 8 lbs 7 oz and is 20 inches long.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

Jason, Tristan, and Wade are playing basketball.  Jason was telling Tristan to "Make it rain."  (Basketball lingo for making a basket)  Tristan made a basket and said, "I have to watch out for the water."  After another shot, "It's raining!"

Our van is the first vehicle I've owned that has automatic transmission.  It's great, but sometimes I miss rocking my baby at the stop light.  Have you ever done that with your stick shift vehicle?  You can rock back and forth pretty easily and it helps soothe the baby!

I like Wade's face when we sing "5 Little Ducks."  When none of the ducks come back his brow gets so furrowed and he sings along with such a sad little voice and face..."Sad mother duck went out one day....over the hill and far away..."  Then, when "all of the little duckies come back" his face just lights up and he cheers.

I like the way Tristan says words that have a "sch" blend, like "school".  You would think the way he says it that school was spelled xool.  :)

Owens grins keep getting bigger.

We always thought our boys were pretty athletic, but then we watched a you-tube video with a 3-year-old slugger and figured he was a bit more advanced!!!!

Tristan discovered that he has "baby num nums" the other day.  :)

Today at the daycare Wade and a little girl his age got into a 2-year-old fight.  They both had to sit on the couch and then I had them apologize to each other.  Wade said, "I sorry Kayden."  Kayden said, "I sorry Logan."  Wade burst into tears, "She said Logan, wahhh, wahh."  I told Kayden, "Say sorry to Wade."  Kayden doesn't talk all that well, so it was probably a complete mistake, but then she said, "Sorry Weed."  Wade burst into tears again..."She said Weed!  Wahh, wahh."  I couldn't help but start laughing at that one!

Sanderson Brothers Construction

Check out our new blog at  You can also find us on facebook!  Hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures and information up for anyone who is interested!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Beautiful Spring Day

A beautiful 75 degree day made for a wonderful walk. We extended our walk more than usual to enjoy the day a little more.

Owen was abandoned by his brothers who decided walking and scooter riding were more fun.

Wade gets on clothing kicks. Right now it's orange shirts, his blue hat, basketball shoes, and train underwear.

I love the tongue wagging!

We walked past the baseball diamonds and watched the players practice a little.

Not sure why all my pictures have a blue tinge. I'll have to adjust some things on my camera!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wade started riding a scooter about 3 weeks ago. He has really progressed well! He even does a little leg-lift in this video. :)

Owen complains :)

As of last weekend

Chelsea, Tawn, Gwyndolyn, and Lydia came to spend the night. Lydia and Owen are only 2.5 weeks apart. Here Tawn juggles both of them!

Mmmm pie


I Learned How to Spell Aneurysm

Most of you already know that my mom has 2 brain aneurysms. She started having double vision and went to see an eye doctor about it. He had her get an MRI and they found what they thought to be a large aneurysm behind her right eye. Another test found a second, smaller aneurysm deep in the left side of her brain that was far more dangerous than the first one. Last week she had that second aneurysm repaired with a stint and coil. This week they attempted to repair the large one behind her eye. She will go back in about a month so they can finish that repair. Dr. Ahuja was awesome! It is amazing that they can fix these things with a catheter in her blood vessel!

Owen and I flew back, and Cammy and Garrett drove up to be with mom during the first few days.

This is mom's favorite nurse Enaas.

My Grandma got to meet her newest Great-Grandbaby. I snapped this picture right after Owen filled his pants. I love Grandma's expression of surprise after the blow-out.

I did more sitting around than I have done in years! No boys to chase after!

Meeting Uncle Garrett with big grins.

Mom got to go home for a few days in between the surgeries.

A few missing from this family picture!!!
Jason had the boys for the 5 days I was gone. My sister-in-law DeAnne watched the boys while Jason was working. (Thank YOU!!!) When I was talking to Jason the night before I returned, he told me that they were missing me because they had no clean clothes, no clean dishes, and no food in the house. But he was just teasing me, because when I got home the laundry was all done, the dishes were all clean, and there were still some condiments in the fridge. :) Also, he had said that he didn't really get a chance to work on building our house because of having to watch the boys. He was bluffing about that too, because they had finished all the exterior walls in the lower level. We should be ready for floor joists by Monday! :)

Happy 30th Birthday to my big sister!!!! Oh wait...that's Happy "29th" Birthday again. :)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We're on our way!

Lisa and Owen

Sue and Owen

Johnny and Owen

Brian and Owen

The Happy Couple

Lichen and Owen

Tristan the lion

Jason giving Julie away

DeAnne made these cute signs for the nieces and nephews to hold. The funny part is this is Uncle Sam, and they are getting a new Uncle Sam.

They had to practice this part A LOT!

The Wedding

Jane from Australia

Uncle Burt

Don't be confused, this is Dan, Sam's identical twin!

Ashlyn the flower girl

Here Comes the Bride!

Tristan and Caleb held her train.

The boys

Sweet picture of Ashlyn and Leah

The girls

All of the sisters sang "You Look So Good in Love" with re-written words to fit the occasion. It was a surprise, but Julie loved it! We had another funnier version that we sang at the reception.

All that practicing paid off!

Beautiful fruit centerpiece that Bonnie made.

Wade and his cousin Kaylee

All the family, both sides!

The Sandersons

I love this picture! This is Sam's side of the family. His mom and dad, his two sisters with their husbands, Sam and Julie, and of course poor Dan pouting in the corner. :)

All of the nieces and nephews laughing at Uncle Jason who was acting like a gorilla to get the kids to smile and laugh. :)

The Sanderson boys threatening to dump Sam into the river. :)


Jason gave a speech.

Not to be outdone by the girls in the family, the men sang "You Are My Sunshine."

This is the car that Sam's mom and dad drove away from their wedding in, his sisters followed suit, so of course Sam and Julie had to leave in this car that's named Panda.