Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What We've Been Up To

The First Friday events included a horse ride!

And playing in a fire truck!

We attended the Chelan Rodeo for the first time and were pleasantly surprised!  Our good friend Chris got married recently, so we got to meet Jane!  Here she is sitting on the bull!

And Chris

The boys got a turn!

I love the Rodeo Riders!

Pointing out something really cool!

Chris and Jane

Excavating with Daddy!

Using the Jumping Jack

Hosing down the dirt so it can be compacted.

Swimming at the pool in Chelan Hills

Swimming at the lake with Grillos

Picnic in the park with Grillos and Barnes

There is a sandbar on the river that we have never gone to.  It is a very popular hang out spot.  We joined the Grillos there one afternoon.

Lounging in the tube.

Sweet little Blake!

We went to a family fun night with lots of kids games.

An outdoor movie

And lots of free snacks!

We went to Rocky Reach Dam and watched the salmon run up the river to spawn

The viewing windows

The fish ladder.  So cool how the fish can swim up the ladder and over the top of the dam!

Jason and the good doctors checking out the new counter that Jason installed.

We went to Milltown convention.  Afterwards we went to Jason's cousins' for an ice cream sundae party.  I love what Amy has done with her yard!

Is this a picture out of Martha Stewart???

Lots of kids there!

Tristan attended 2 weeks of Kinder Camp.  He loved it!  It was just supposed to help him get ready for Kindergarten.  They toured the school, practiced walking in line, counted, ate snacks, etc!

The first day, Tristan hopped right on the bus and sat in the seat right behind the driver.  He swung his legs eagerly!  The second day, Tristan went straight to the back of the bus.  It didn't take him long to figure out where all of the "Cool kids" sit!  :)  I asked him what he did on his 45 minute bus ride.  He said, "I looked out this window, and then I looked out this window, and then I looked out this window..."  He loved it and insisted on waking up early enough to catch the bus.

Daddy taking a bath in the little pool.   Owen got to hose him down.

The boys enjoyed two weeks of swimming lessons in the lake.  On the last day they swam out to that dock.

Swim lessons were in Manson, so we used our time out in Manson to swim in Rod and Carolyn's pool too!  I love how Owen wears his mask!

Concrete slab going in.

Good ol' Bobby letting the boys spread some concrete.

And sword fighting with them!

If we stop by Daddy's job site, we have to stop at Orondo Cider Works and sit in the Mater truck!

We went to the waterslides with Baby Brooklyn!  :)  Jason got her all changed and ready to swim!

Geoff, Jocelyn, and Aislyn were staying with us for the weekend and joined us at the waterslides!

Sooo cute!

Pizza and pool party!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We had a block party as well!!  Lots of fun!

Jason had a quick finish job, so he dropped us off at Smallwoods Harvest while he worked.  The boys played in the truck track.

And in the tee-pees!

Fed the chickens

Played in the cow train.

Fed the sheep with a bucket on a pulley!

Lounged in a wagon

Petted the miniature horse

Had a lot of fun swinging!

Me and my boys at swimming lessons!


Chris and Jane on Lake Chelan

We picked up Leah and the pizza we had ordered!  She did an excellent job of not getting the pizzas wet!

New raincoats and the sprinklers turned on made for a fun time!

Biggest grin ever!
Austen couldn't see very well with his new glasses and missed with his kiss!

Austen and Houston McCuaig

There's Aislyn!  :)

Learning to rope at the rodeo

Trick Ropers

The Famed Chicken Chase!

Trick Riders

Swimming Lessons

Brave Sliders

They also learned how to jump off of the diving board with no life jacket on!

Deep sea diving

Feeding the funny horse