Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Owen's 2nd Birthday

I showed Owen a bunch of pictures of cake possibilities on the computer, and when he saw a Mickey Mouse cake his eyes lit up and he started chanting, "Mouse, Mouse!".  I wasn't quite motivated enough to do an all out Mouse cake, but these cupcakes worked just fine.  

Owen trying to hold up two fingers.  :)

That's better! :)

Me two!  (He says "me too" a lot, but now he can also say "me two".  :)

He blew those candles out in one big gust!

And then promptly bit into the Junior Mint that was Mickey's head.  Not so sure about that mint!

Enough attention and pictures will still bring a smile though! :)

What is under the tablecloth?  A new bike!  And a remote control police car and a fire truck that sings and dances!

The kids (under Ashlyn's direction) put on a play for us.  It was quite entertaining!
We had a good weekend in Sequim.  The trip over was tainted by a bad set of tires that caused us to slide off the road more than once!  But a brand-new set for the way back eased our mind.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stromboli Valentine's style!

This picture of the Stromboli is just to show off my new kitchen backsplash!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

What They Are Saying

I woke Tristan up this morning.  He sat up in bed and said, "Mom, I had all good dreams!" 
"That's wonderful, Tristan, I'm so glad!"
To which he replied, "I prayed to God before I went to sleep, and he filled me all up with good thoughts!"

Owen loves his Auntie Leah very much, except it's "Eah" when he says it.  The other day Jason told him that he would be seeing Auntie Leah.  Owen responded, "Eah!  E-I-E-I-O, Moo moo here, Moo moo here."  Doesn't sound as cute in writing....guess I'll have to get a video.

During meeting last night, Jason was sitting on one side of Owen and Uncle Eric was sitting 2 seats down on the other side.  Owen looked at Eric and said, "Daddy!"  Then he looked at Jason, back to Eric, and back and forth a few more times.  It was like he was just noticing they look a lot alike!  He also loves to make little jokes, so he might have just been being really silly!

The other night Owen was goofing off in his chair right before dinner and ended up falling off onto his head.  He has a hard head and bonks it all the time, but this one was especially hard!  I scooped him right up and was snuggling, kissing, and consoling him.  A few minutes later, Wade leaned over to Tristan and said, "I wish I would have fallen and bonked my head."  Tristan said, "What?  That would hurt!"  Wade replied, "Then mommy would hug and snuggle me!"  Aww!  I told him that he had better watch out, because I was going to give him so many hugs and kisses he wouldn't know what to do!  Upon hearing that, Jason immediately pretends to trip, fall, and bonk his head!  Of course he needed hugs and kisses!  The boys caught on and we had falling boys all over the dining room!  Many hugs and kisses later we ate our meal!  :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January Randomness

I am updating my blog from the comforts of my front deck!  Where I am sitting bare foot!  It is about 40 degrees out and the sun is warm!  The tile deck is just radiating the heat and it feels wonderful!

We went out to Roses Lake in Manson and slid around on the ice!  

Then we went sledding up at Granite Ridge.  The snow had just enough of an icy top layer to make it really fast and fun...unless you fell off :)

Jason and Owen trudging up the hill.

Tristan wanted a lemonade stand, but I convinced him that this time of year lemonade doesn't really sell very well. (Can you tell I have a brother with a marketing degree?)  :)  So, he set up a hot cocoa stand.  After I texted the whole neighborhood he had a few customers too!  :)  The best customers of course are posing for this picture. :)

Last home basketball game of the season.  Lost in overtime, but a great game to watch!  
The boys love hearing the story Go Dog Go.  I remember when this was Uncle Kale's favorite book too!  This is Wade's version.