Monday, February 28, 2011

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

My drive to work this morning...a little blurred because...well...I was driving!  Lake, mountains, and a beautiful sunrise!

More Birthday Pictures

Putting the finishing touches on the "dinosaur" cake!

Owen was in a wonderfully pleasant mood all day long!  He liked having the dinosaur mask on!

Lots of new toys!!!

Do you like my new tractor?  That ball that Cody is holding is a big hit too!  It plays music and shakes.  Owen loves it....unfortunately it plays just one song very might be banished to a downstairs toy!

Sunday we met up at Abby's pizza after meeting.  How many Sanderson boys does it take to drive the race car?  At one time we did have all 5 of them too!

Our hosts, Andy and Patty, provided a roll of quarters that were doled out to the kiddos.  My boys had never realized that these machines take quarters and have always been content just pretending.  Hopefully we can convince them that it was a special treat from Andy and Patty and not something to be expected!
We had a great time with great pizza!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Party

We celebrated Owen and Wade's birthdays on Saturday.
Present Time!

Dinosaur masks for all the kids.

Enjoying all the excitement!

Ummm...that's supposed to be a dinosaur.  Didn't turn out quite like the youtube video I watched to learn how to make it!  :)

Spitting out  Blowing out the candles.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owen Turns 1!

Owen started his birthday really really early!  I guess he didn't want to miss any of it!  He was up for good at 5:30.  By 7:30 he had ridden his car down the first flight of stairs.  He had a bonk on his forehead, a bloody nose, and a fat lip.  By 8:00 we were on our way to a birthday party.  Not Owen's birthday party though, Brielle's!  :)
The boys were singing on the way down to Wenatchee.  And notice Owen's front facing car seat!  :)  

The birthday girl on her 3rd birthday!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

We tie-dyed t-shirts!  I know!  Brave, huh!

Opening presents

Cupcakes and snacks

We will celebrate Owen and Wade's birthdays this weekend.  Owen was pretty grumpy most of the day, I think he might have had a headache from his fall.  Hopefully he will be feeling better for his party!  Can you believe he is already a year old?????  I can't!!!

Sequim Part 2

We stayed with Mom and Dad Wed-Fri and then they left to go to Portland.  Then, the house filled up!  Mike and Tawn had planned a weekend get-together and we used Mark and Karol's house!  It was us, Mike, Tawn, and their girls, Derek and Julie, Derrick, Kate, and little Zoey, Amy T., Fred S., and Daniel.  
On Saturday we went down to Salt Creek and climbed on the rocks.

Beautiful ocean

Playing at the playground

Julie was a trooper, pushing up to 3 kids at a time!

Owen liked hanging out with Buck

Enjoying the amenities!

Fred won the hearts of the 2 year-olds with a story and a snuggle!

Back at the playground

Basketball hoops with nothing but a football led to the invention of a new game.  Basketfootballsky or something like that.  It looked fun and they were all sweaty, so it must have been a good workout too!

Jason, Mike, Derek, and Derrick

Owen, Lydia, and Zoey in the high chairs

Rook extravaganza

Chatting with Kate

The Thompson Tribe

The boys had a blast running from the waves.  Well, until Tristan decided just to get wet in the background.

The Sanderson Swarm

The Nap alliteration skills need a bit of practice!

Fun at the spit

Bath time!  This picture is not the best, but I picked out the one that had the fewest  "parts" showing.  :)  The only one that is missing is Lydia.  She had her own bath.  :)

On the ferry home

We had a wonderful weekend  with great friends!  Can't wait to do it again! Maybe one of these days everyone will be healthy when we hang out!!  The last couple of times we've been together, sickness has spread!