Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Houses in our Neighborhood

When we go for a walk, Tristan has been pointing out some of the places that we pass. Most everything he points out, he has made up his own name for. The post office is the "mail house." The bank is the "candy house," because of the dum dum suckers they get when we go in there. And just today I heard a new one as we were passing the doctor's office. He called it the "owwie house." The only times he has been to the doctor's office have been for well-child checks (knock on wood!), so the only thing I can think of is that he is remembering the shots he gets when he has to go there! Ooowww!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rob and Mandy's Visit

Our good friends Rob and Mandy came to visit from Montana this weekend. The guys left early on Saturday to go fishing. Rob and Wade enjoyed breakfast together.

Mandy and I took the boys down to the Wenatchee Children's Apple Blossom parade. There are 3 weeks of apple blossom fun. The first weekend is the children's portion, the second weekend is the big main event, and the third weekend there is a festival in Manson. This parade is geared towards kids and every entry has kids in it. Wade thought he should be out there too, so he kept trying to escape. He was brought back with tears in his eyes.

Tristan wasn't feeling very well, but he enjoyed the parade in a very quiet, mild way.

The sun was warm, but it was pretty windy, so our sweatshirts felt good.
After the parade we joined the guys on the boat. We took the boat up to Eric's house for dinner. Then we hurried back so that Mandy and I could go to a play with some of the other girls in Chelan. We ran out of gas on the way back down the lake, but Carolyn picked us up. Then, Jason, Rob, Tristan, and Wade used Shawn's little motor to venture the rest of the way to the boat launch. We made it to the play in plenty of time, but we were very disappointed in it. Lack of plot, minimal acting (mostly just talking), lack of morals, and horrible language, made us sorry that we went. But we did enjoy spending time with Carolyn, DeAnne, and Martha.

Rob and Jason play "handy men." (Don't ask....eeeww)

The happy couple! Come see us again soon!

Daycare Doings

Wade really enjoyed his brownie snack.

Patty was babysitting Brielle for a couple of days, so I asked her to bring Brielle out for a couple of hours so she could play with the other kids. She rocked this baby and it was so cute!

Wade loves to climb up on this horse all by himself and ride it. Sometimes getting down isn't so easy, though.

Cammy Seuss

While Auntie Cammy was still in Kuwait, she recorded a video of her reading the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. There is a program that helps soldiers stay "United through Reading." Anyway, the soldiers can have a video made of them reading a book. Then, the book and DVD are sent to the children for whom it was intended. Cammy recorded a book for the boys and we got it in the mail this week! The boys enjoyed following along in the book as they watched Auntie Cammy read it to them. Part of the program is that you video or take pictures of the kids as they are watching so that the soldier can see. Here are our videos.

You have to be quick to catch this kiss!
P.S. To avoid the risk of a terrorist reading my blog and gleaning some valuable information on the whereabouts of the soldiers, I will no longer be posting the emails and pictures that my sister sends as updates. If you would like, I can forward you her emails and pictures. Just let me know, and I'll add you to the list!

Fun in the Sun

Last week we had a couple of 80+ degree days. We broke out the splash pad and popsicles!!

I love the blossoms on this tree. Mom, this is the one you were trying to get a picture of. Anyone have any idea what it is?

Last Week

Sleeping baby

A week ago Saturday there was an Earth Day Festival here in Chelan. We had fun looking at all of the booths, painting a can and planting a cucumber seed in it, exploring the cardboard maze, listening to our friend Darren drum for a couple of the bands, and we even got to hang out with an owl!

Last Sunday we were at the golden arches with our buddy Lael. Wade did a good job getting up into the fun tunnel system suspended over our heads, but had a little trouble finding his way down, so up went Jason to rescue him!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Baby News!

Congratulations Aaron, Nichole, and Big Brother Zayden on your new baby girl. Sienna Rae was born at 10:36 pm last Tuesday, April 14. She was 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Check out their blog for pictures and more info!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Pictures

Pam Grillo took pictures of the boys on Friday. They are so cute! Wade did especially well. Tristan was a little more difficult to get to smile. Check out the proofs and give me some suggestions on which ones to order! :) www.pamgrillophotography.com Click on the online proofs button. Enter Sanderson as the user name and 041709 as the password.

Trenton and Emma

Congratulations Bill and Sara on the birth of your twins!! Trenton William Nielson came first at 8:44 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz. Emma Dianne Nielson came next at 9:02 pm and weighed 6 lbs 15 oz.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Week...so far

Eric just got a facebook account, so we were trying to get a picture of him to put up on it. This was one of the trials. It's a good one of Eric, anyway!

Mom and Dad came in Saturday morning. We left a couple of hours later to go up to Stehekin. You may remember from other posts that Stehekin is a town at the other end of Lake Chelan. It is about 55-60 miles uplake from us. It is a town that you can only get to by boat or float plane.

AAAhhhh! Our driver fell asleep at the wheel! He wouldn't let go of the steering wheel, though.

Before falling asleep

Grandma and Wade

Auntie Leah!

We checked out the house the guys are working on. Just a foundation in this picture.

We stopped and saw Uncle Eric in his cabin. He launched rotten eggs at us. They didn't hit the boat, but it was kind of cool seeing them break as they hit the water and the yolks flew back up in the air.

The waves were pretty rough, so you had to make a decision. If you sit more in the front of the boat there is less wind, but it is much more bumpy. The back of the boat is much smoother, but colder and windier. Mom chose the back of the boat, and buried herself in the blanket.

We spent a little time checking out Stehekin. There isn't much to do this time of year without a ride, so we ate at the restaurant and checked out the visitor center and post office.

Sunday we all dressed in red and black. I asked if Jason wanted to match us, and this is what he came up with. :) (He didn't really wear that to meeting.)

Handsome prince

Sunday was Auntie Cammy's birthday. She was in Kuwait so the boys wish her a happy birthday!! Happy Birthday Cammy!!! We love you!!! P.S. We just talked to Cammy on Skype. She moved from Kuwait to Iraq Monday night. She is getting settled in to her room and her new job there. She says the food is much worse than it was in Kuwait, and the scenery is not as pretty.

Ron and Sharon had a potluck for mom and dad down in Moses Lake. Dad had a chance to see all of the people he met when he first professed.

Tristan and his friend Gracie.

My little cowboy waiting to be admitted into the Easter egg hunt.

Found one!

Tristan and Grandpa shave.

Hard at work

Riding in the excavator

Driving the dump truck

Hi Wade!

We drove up into the hills around the lake and caught this awesome view.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Last Week

I am behind on my blogging again.... These are my pictures from last week. I've been working on it for several days, but we've had a lot going on, which means I have lots more to post, but haven't gotten to it. We have a trip to Stehekin, potluck in Moses Lake, birthday wishes for Cammy, mom and dad's visit, etc, so stay tuned!

The boys rode behind Ashlyn driving the 4-Wheeler.

Caleb and DeAnne's turn!

We went to the park.


We threw rocks in the lake.

You might notice the sand on his cheek and the back of his neck. Everytime he picked up a bunch of sand and pulled his arm back to throw the sand, he would drop a little bit on himself. :)

We planted our flowers.

Mommy's little helper

The finished product

Uncle Eric is home from 2 months working in Texas. We all met for a picnic in the park so we could see him. Tristan was very excited that his truck was back.

Uncle Eric bought each of the kids their own pair of cowboy boots. That was very exciting.

Here are all the kids with their new kicks.

It was a nice day on Tuesday, so we had lunch in the boat. (Parked in the driveway)

Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea

Cute in boots

Last week my daffodils bloomed!