Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yiggow Tiny

When Owen was first born we told Wade that this was Owen and that he was a little tiny baby.  So, Wade started calling him Little Tiny Baby Owen, except with his almost 2 year old language it was Yiggow Tiny Baby Owen.  That stretched into YIIIIIIIIIIIgow Tiny Baby Owen.  He still is called this quite often, but sometimes I abbreviate to just Yiggow Tiny.  :)

Ah, Yes!  The Bath-After-Every-Meal Stage!
I'll get a video of him "crawling" soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Magical House

So, I just wanted to tell you about my magical house.  There are many times a day when I get frustrated with where we are living.  It's not so bad, but you know how it is....when the end is in sight, you just can't wait to get out!  I was trying to find a place for some canned goods and boxes of cereal and I decided I can't wait for my pantry in my new house!  I was getting frustrated with my kitchen being a thoroughfare and decided I can't wait for a little more space in the kitchen and more play space elsewhere.

Anyway, as I start thinking about my new house, I decide it must be magical.  For example, in the new house the laundry will be folded immediately upon removal from the dryer and placed neatly in baskets organized by person.  Right....  Also, in the new house, the toys stay in the toy room unless they are being used and when they are done being used they will immediately be put back where they belong.  Right...  My new house also has an amazing shoe collection system.  Each pair of shoes stays together and is sitting neatly by whichever door they are needed at.  The floor will be very easy to sweep and mop, so of course it will always be spotless!  I will have all kinds of free time!  Baked goods will be pouring out of the oven and healthy snacks will automatically appear for the kids.  Spilled milk cleans up itself!  My paperwork is always filed immediately and is never just sitting out on the counter.  Boys won't both decide that they need to go poo-poo at the exact same time...and if they do, they can just go use a different bathroom!  Yeah!

It is funny that when I daydream of the new house, this is what I come up with.  The only thing my magical house hasn't figured out how to do yet is how to keep the showers and bathtubs clean!  I'll work on that next.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tristan was playing at a friend's house last week and her mom made cookies while he was there.  Since then he has been asking me to make cookies just like Olivia's mom made.  So, we did!  They had fun making them, but occasionally I heard, "That's not how Olivia's mom does it!"  :)  (They were ginger snaps and I did have to rearrange them on the pan before I put them in the oven.) :)

House Update

Yesterday the sheet rock was craned into the house.  Kind of fun to watch.  You can tell by the 3 little spectators that it was a great time!
There they are!

They were very careful bringing them in through my 2nd floor slider.

Jason and I have been working on siding some of the house.  It takes a long time, and those big boards are heavy!  Not looking forward to the rest of this wall that is all 2nd story height, and lugging those boards up ladders is not going to be easy.

The back of the house.  Have I showed you my back porch birthday present yet?

On Tuesday the drywallers did the ceiling in the garage.  Those are all of our cabinets in boxes in the back.

I was helping Wade ride a bike on the street when I noticed that there was no one inside the truck.  I had assumed that there was someone in there operating the crane.  But, nope, he is in the doorway up there...do you see him?  He is lounging against the door and operating the crane with controls on his belt!  I've never seen that before!  He did very well, though, no nicks or dings!  :)  By the way, you can see in the background of this picture the houses way up on the hill.  Our property goes from behind our house up to that line of houses.  Not much we can do with the land, because it is so steep, but I have a dream of a gazebo part way up with a BBQ.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I had a few things I wanted to share with you that the boys have done or said lately.

Owen loves food.  While he's eating he just keeps saying, "Mmm, nummmm, mmmm."  I haven't found a food that he doesn't like yet.  He has also starting pulling himself up on things.  He gets himself up there and stands for awhile and then starts a desperate whine, because he can feel that his legs aren't going to hold up much longer.  I try to get to him before that happens!  He also scoots a little bit to get toys that are out of reach.

Wade asked what these things were in our room.  I told him that they were cow hides.  (I know...cow hides in our room....don't ask!)  The next day he pointed to them and said, "Look, mom, a cow is hiding!"

Tristan fell asleep at about 6 pm and slept until 9:30 pm.  He woke up, put on some fresh underwear, fresh clothes, and told me he had his morning clothes on.  He thought it was morning!  I had a hard time convincing him it was night time!  They usually wake up before the sun is out, so I couldn't even use the dark of night to convince him!

I overheard Wade playing meeting with a teddy bear.  Here was his prayer:

Father we thankful that we go to meeting.
We thankful that we go to the new house.
We thankful that we have fresh pancakes.
We thankful that we have Owen's high chair.

Surprisingly Fun!

Working on the house and grilling hot dogs.  Our grill ran out of propane, so we had to improvise!  The insulation is in, drywall starts on Wednesday!!  Jason, Leah, and I are putting up siding!

There was a music festival up at the state park.  Jason and Sue joined us and we went took the boat up lake to check it out.  We got there and the group that was playing....well, we were a little worried about a wasted trip.  

So we decided it would be a good time to have dinner.  Armed with a fresh propane bottle, burgers on the dock!  Monkey meat for Leah!  :)
Improv burger flipper
Back enjoying the tunes of a very good group!

Ice cream from Jason and Sue!  He was so excited he blurred my picture!

Yum!  I love the look the Jasons are giving each other.

And the beach dance...Leah and Jason tear it up!  Tristan was also up there the whole time doing a little jig.  :)

Beach bonfire

Good times, great friends!

What Would You Do?

Our cabinets for our new house came...and I'm very disappointed.  We ordered hickory which we know is quite varied.  But I'm convinced that this is a little ridiculous!  I know the lighting on these pictures is not very good, but I hope that you can see the difference.  This is what we ordered....

This is what we got....
It doesn't go with the flooring that we picked out or the paint that we want.  Of course we can't return them, but we feel that we were misinformed as to what we were getting... What to do, what to do!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Think We're Set!

94 1/2 quarts later, we're done!
Now for the clean-up...
Owen wanted to have nothing to do with the tiny bite sized pieces of banana, he just grabbed the whole thing and went at it!  (I hesitate to post this picture because I just found out that I'm not supposed to feed bananas to my baby until he's a year old.  Really?  My other boys survived so far...  Is it for allergy reasons?  I've never heard of anyone allergic to bananas, but maybe everyone had good mothers that didn't give them bananas until they were one.  But isn't the baby food aisle full of Stage One Mashed Bananas?  I'm confused!)
Tristan is very excited to work like Daddy.
Napping on the job...or on the junk pile...

Notice the new rubber boots that were handed down to the boys from our friend Beren.  Now check out what these boys can do with them!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forgotten Pictures

Jared and Rylan are in football, and my boys think it is fun to dress up like football players. 
Carolyn took the boys to Jared's scrimmage a couple of weeks ago.  The boys were very excited when Jared waved at them from the field!  They have been talking about it ever since!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lake Roosevelt 2010

As usual with our annual trip to Lake Roosevelt, I didn't take enough pictures!  Here are a few of the ones I did get.
Sandy boy
You can see where he got his 6 month immunizations on his leg.  He was pretty grumpy the whole trip with the shots, teeth coming in, and a little stomach bug.
Some were Lake Roosevelt first timers:  Jeff and Rebekah Baysinger with Chloe and Wyatt, Jason and Sue Barnes first time as a couple, and her brothers Brian and John Buckingham. 
Huck and Oliver were also enjoying their first time at L.R.  They behaved very well!!  Great entertainment for the kids!
Tristan watched Jeff shoot his bow and got eaten alive by mosquitos.  It was his first real experience with them, as we don't have them here.  As you can see, he has quite the reaction!
Leah, Jeff, and Wyatt
Sue, Ashlyn, DeAnne, and Cody, and a pretty sunset!

More Bike Riding

I should have put up this video last week.  After nap time on Wednesday, Tristan went back out and tried riding again.  He didn't need my help this time!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tristan Rides a Bike

Look what Tristan learned how to do today!