Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Before I tell you too much about our Thanksgiving, I have a few updates I wanted to share with you.  First of all, the other day Wade started saying "I don't know, sweetie," in this really sing-songy voice.  After hearing it for awhile I asked him where he heard that from.  He said, "Auntie Leah says that."  :)  Then, a few minutes later he said, "I'm a DISASTER!"  I asked if Auntie Leah says that too!  YUP! :)
I got my job.  You know the job that I have been working at for a couple of months?  Well, the week before T-day I interviewed for my job and I got it!  The only thing that changes is that instead of being considered a sub, I will have a contract through the rest of this year.  
Owen has been accumulating a few more words these days.  Mostly he still communicates in grunts and points, but there are a few new "MINE", "NO" know...all the fun words!
We went to WI for Thanksgiving.  We ended up driving there.  This was how Owen looked for some of the 28 hours it took us to get there. Oh, and my camera is MIA, so all of these pictures are from Leah's camera or pulled off of facebook! (Thanks Sarah and Kristi)  :)  If you have any pictures you think I would like, I would really appreciate them!  Not sure how I'm going to be able to update my blog without a camera!

All 3 boys cozy in the back.

New Springbok rugby shirts and cool beaded animals from Uncle Kale and Auntie Jaspar.

We got to see Kale and Jaspar for the first time in 3.5 years!!!!!

We spent the day at Joyce and Anders' house.  It was wonderful as usual!

One of the 3! tables set for Thanksgiving dinner!

Having fun in their basement.

Tristan showing me just how the toaster works.  It is a "toaster like Carolyn's not like ours."  (We use a toaster oven.)

It has been 6 years since I've gotten to play in the Turkey Bowl!!  We go to WI every other year for Thanksgiving, but 2 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with Owen and 4 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with Wade, so I have sat the bench with a "bloated abdomen".  But this year I got to play!!!  YIPPEE!  It was great fun!

It is so much fun to read the "Skinny" every year!

Ready to play some football!

Back home for pie after the young team beat the old team.

On Friday my parents had a party catered for Garrett and Sarah's engagement and Kale and Jaspar's return from South Africa.

Delicious Friday fish fry!

Garrett and Sarah telling us how they met.

Jaspar and Kale told us about their adventures and performed some music for us!

Family picture

This was the first time all four of us siblings have been together in 4 years, so it was really special!

My baders

The Tristans

Sunday, November 13, 2011

These Videos Make Me Laugh!

Fall Fun

We went on a hay ride.  It was awesome!  We rode the wagon up to a corn maze and then over to an orchard to get some apples, and then to a pumpkin patch!  :)

In the corn maze.

The tractor driver even gave the boys a turn!

Feeding the goats after our ride.

Watching a cider press in action.

Fred and Mildred:  Some of our favorite people!

Another of my favorite people!!!

And even more of my favorite people!  We had fondue night with Jason and Sue.  We had two pots, one with a broth and one with oil.  Yum!!!  Notice the fresh salmon, shrimp, chicken, steak, vegetable assortment, and a variety of dipping sauces.  Top that off with some sparkling lemonade and you've got a DELICIOUS meal!  And fun too!!

Helping unwrap the caramels for the caramel fondue.


The boys did a scavenger hunt on Halloween.  They loved running around the house, following the clues, and finding prizes.

Hahhahaha!  I love this one!

And this one!!!

We took a trip to the park to play in the fallen leaves.  I tried to get a few fun pictures of the boys.  Here were some of my keepers.

For some reason pictures of a little boy walking like this just melt my heart!  Especially when his pants are too big!  :) Ha!

Guess where those leaves are headed!

We spent some time raking leaves up at the convention grounds.  The boys were a big help, as long as they could hitch a ride back on the tarp!

Leah found a prize in her pile!

Meanwhile the guys were laying blocks and building a block wall.

We had some special guests passing through.  Cody and Dan went to work with Jason for a day, we had to visit them on the job!

A visit to Mike and Tawn's this weekend was great!  The kids made a big mess with beans, the guys went bird hunting, and Tawn and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend!  

A practice hunt with the kids.

Tawn and I took the kids up into Canada to a community centre water park.  It was a great place to take the kids. There was an adventure river, hot tub, waterslide, etc. and very reasonably priced!  And one of the highlights of the weekend was that we took the van up, and Jason and Mike fixed it!!!!  Woohoo!  It has been deemed ready for a trip to WI for Thanksgiving too!  :)