Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stehekin Boat Docks

Fall colors on the one street through Stehekin. Even though you can't get there by car, the residents have cars, that were brought up on a barge, that they use to get around town. We met a very nice woman at the boat dock, and she drove us all around and gave us a little tour!

The town of Manson from the lake. This is the town right next to Chelan where we own property that we will someday like to live on! Isn't it cute????

This is our rental house. You thought I was pregnant! Hahaha

When I get home, I'll fix this picture, sorry. Almost 31 weeks!


Rainbow Falls in Stehekin

Jason told me he wouldn't shave until he got a deer. Once hunting season ended and he was deerless, I got pretty nervous! I was finally able to convince him that I was his dear and he shaved. :) But, as you can see, he was a little bitter about it! :)

Stehekin is a very small town at the very tip of Lake Chelan. It is about 40 miles up the lake from Chelan. There are no roads leading into the town, so you can only get there by boat or float plane. On Sat. we took the boat up and spent the day there! It was beautiful!!!! This is coming into Stehekin on the boat.

The boat ride was a bit cold, especially in the back where the wind chill got us!

The last one room school house! There are 11 students this year K-8. What a fun place to work!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A View from the Bus

I decided to show you a few of the sights that I get to see everyday! This is a cute little church in Chelan.

A cloudy day view of the Chelan Dam from the bridge.

Beautiful fall colors along the lake!

Downtown Chelan. There are lots of little shops and there are some cute harvest decorations.

This is where you can find me everyday! Icicle River Middle School. My room is in the upper left corner, but it faces the hill. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Packer Fans

We got all decked out in our Packer gear to go and watch them lose on Monday! :( Boohoo! Maybe this week! :)
We are living in the rental house now. I will post a few pictures of our new place! I had my first prenatal appointment today since leaving Las Vegas. It was really good to see how much weight I've gained! 13 lbs! Jenny Craig's worst nightmare! :) I got to hear the heartbeat again..140 bpm...and I had some more blood drawn. I will get a shot next week. Yippee!