Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun

The boys and I take walks in the stroller just about every day. I usually try to go shortly before nap time, so they can come home and go right to bed. I wasn't fast enough on this day, though.

Saturday there was a harvest festival out in Manson. Tristan sat on the wagon.

We threw driftwood back into the lake. Look at the beautiful fall colors.

Wade enjoyed playing in (and eating) the sand.

Exploring the fall foliage.

A hunting expedition yielded no deer, only pictures! Speaking of hunting. Jason went out several times last week. He and Eric hiked around looking for deer. Jason got a shot at a big buck, but it was a tough shot that missed. The next day they went up in the hills, parked the truck, and were going to hike down to Eric's house, hunting the whole way. 15 miles and several hours later, they came out on the main highway where I was able to pick them up and drive them the last half mile to Eric's house.

Tristan loves to give Wade rides on his car. He does say car now, instead of a bike for everything.

Little pumpkins.

Tristan helps me dig the goop out of the pumpkin before carving. I roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time. Yummy!

Now that Wade is officially crawling (yes, up on his hands and knees finally!) he is into everything!!

And, of course, if Wade is doing it and Mommy thinks it's cute, Tristan has to do it too!

Feeding the ducks in the park.

The finished product.

Matching pajamas, matching mischievious looks.

Wade twirls his hands and feet. Look at him go!

Wade kind of shows off crawling

Tristan and Wade love to wrestle. Wade doesn't do too bad holding his own.

Riding bikes

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Motivated Siblings

I need to do another sibling brag post. I don't know how my siblings got so much motivation. I used to be a runner. I ran in middle school and high school for the school team, and even in college I did several 5 K fun runs. But I can't even imagine the training and motivation it would take to be like my siblings!!
Last October, Cammy competed in the Governor's Cup marathon. This year, she supported the Ray Tanner Homerun Organization by running in their 12 K race.
Check out the left hand side of this link to see how she did.

The same day, Kale and Jaspar were running in the Twin Cities Marathon. Here is a link for them. And another. They made it fun and did well!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


For those of you who have seen our new house, or have heard me talking about it, have heard me complain of the long trek I need to take during the night to get to the boys room. Wade has been waking up quite a bit during the night, and those walks every 1.25 hours have become somewhat long. Apparently Tristan thinks so too. He is normally an early riser, and this morning I heard him on the baby monitor about 5:30 am. I heard him climb out of bed, and them some unidentified rustling, until "Hmmmm, I need more honey in my honeypot." It was his Pooh bear talking riding toy! He climbed on and rode it all the way into our room, where he dismounted and climbed into bed with Jason and I. :)

Tristan is also even more interested in farm animals. On our trip to MT a week and a half ago, we saw a lot of cows and horses. Then last week at the petting zoo, we saw more, so these animals are very interesting to Tristan right now. He loves to be outside and riding his bike. He talks constantly, and I understand most of what he is saying.

Wade pulled himself up to a standing position for the first time on Thursday! He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks and rocks, but when he wants to move he goes back onto his belly and army crawls his way around. He is eating lots of big people food, and he insists on feeding himself.

Oroville Weekend

Tawn and I went to the Breadline in Omak for lunch.
All the pictures that are grainy can be seen clearly on Tawn's website.

Tawn, Gwyndolyn, Wade, and I

Playing in the park.

Wade loves attention from girls, especially cute ones dressed in cat outfits.

Sometimes he'll even give them a kiss.

Tristan had fun sliding

and swinging.

Wade giggled the whole time

While we were doing all those fun things, Mike and Jason were quail hunting. I tried not to get too good of a picture of this process. The quail tasted pretty good, though.

The three kidlets

Monday, October 13, 2008

Smallwood's Harvest

Last Wednesday, DeAnne and I took the boys down to Smallwood's Harvest.
It is the ultimate fruit stand. There were lots of things for the boys to see and do.

Sitting with the pumpkins.

What a load!

There were lots of these peek-through things.

Tristan driving

"I'll take this pumpkin, Mom."

In the greenhouse

Cody's turn to haul

Tristan on the John Deere.

DeAnne pushes the boys on the swings.

Wade was there, too!

Snack break.

My little pumpkin.

A true farmer eats hay.

Looking at the animals in the petting zoo.

This beast has some issues.

Riding the ponies.

The complicated prop maze.

But, we made it through.

Montana Weekend

Howdy, from Thompson Falls, MT, home of the Buckinghams.

Rob and Mandy's cute house!

Mandy entertaining Wade.

She made us some delicious meals!

She even let Tristan give her a ride on his car.

I love the kitchen.

Rob will make a great Dad.

After union mtg, we stayed for a potluck and swung on some great swings in the backyard!

Flashback 20 years and you have Uncle Burt pushing Jason on the swing. This picture was taken right before Uncle Burt gave Jason an underdog and ended up rolling through the grass. :)

There was a big herd of Bighorn Sheep in their front yard.