Monday, December 12, 2011

December News

I found my camera!!!!  In a basket with some old winter coats that I was putting up on Craigslist.  Yippee!  Back in business!
My husband makes really, really good smoothies!  And thanks to a bet that I won last week, I get to enjoy one whenever I want!  In fact, I am right now!  :)
Holiday madness is upon us!  I made treats and cookies this weekend, and next weekend is full of holiday parties, and then on to Indio!  We will spend 2 weeks in sunny California.  The first week in a condo in Indio (Palm Springs) with the whole Sanderson clan, and then the second week in San Diego with some of the clan and a few days with my dear friend Alesha, Lane, and Annika!  Can't wait!!  Long drive......but not as long as our drive to WI!  January is pretty open though, so come and visit us!
Owen has surgery on Thursday to repair his circumcision.  It was done incorrectly when he was born, so now we are going to Children's Hospital in Seattle to have it fixed.  He will be young enough that he won't remember it, but still a bummer that we have to even do it.  Hopefully I'll have an update with pictures soon, but until then, Happy Holidays!