Monday, May 24, 2010

When You Plan Your House

I'm reading a set of books from 1914 titled Our Wonder World.  It is kind of like an encyclopedia set, but not as much information in them.  Anyway, I've been very amused at the way in which these books are written.  It seems that the author tells you how to feel about things.  Because we are building a new house, I was reading a section titled "When you plan your house."  Here is an excerpt:

"Many modern houses, especially those of the bungalow type, are so arranged that one enters the living room directly from the entrance porch; but this is objectionable, for visitors must then be ushered directly into the apartment where the entire family may be assembled and where a certain degree of privacy is most desirable.  It is much better to arrange for a small hall or for a little reception room, where the caller, who may perhaps have only a business errand, will not be submitted to the embarrassment which he must necessarily feel when he finds himself intruded into the family circle."


"If the housewife is wise, she will have a large cupboard in the basement for storing preserves and similar delicacies, with broad, adjustable shelves and tight doors."

Are you a "wise" housewife?  :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Sayings

You know how it is as a parent when you children learn new words and phrases.  Very exciting, right?  Well, I'm proud to announce that since becoming a parent I've expanded my vocabulary too!!  I have said things that I've never said before! I've strung together words into sentences that I would never have predicted I could do!  Here are a few examples.

-Push your pee pee down.
-We don't go outside with bare buns.
-We don't go potty in our pants; that's grossies.
-Snuggle your blankie so you won't be scared.
-There are no monsters or bears in our house.
-Be careful by the edge.
-We don't jump on the couch, bed, your brother, etc

Aren't you so proud of me?  :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Swimming Season Begins!

Snuggling his teddy bear from Auntie Lisa

I forgot to tell you about my new ride!  A 2003 Nissan Pathfinder.  We wanted a vehicle with 4x4 for the winter time (a LONG way off :))  And it has AC!  This is the first vehicle I've ever purchased that has an automatic transmission!  We are saving it for really hot days (AC), really snowy days (4x4), and long trips.
Our house is occupied!!!!  ...but not by us...  There are about 9 real birds nests and about 15 things like the one on the far right.  We are hoping that the families are gone from the nests before we have to close up the house.
Our first day out on the boat we went to the sand bar, which isn't much of one this year, because the lake level is higher. 

My boys on the beach
Care bear and Lucky
My baywatch babe had to save the boat before it floated away. 

The next day we went to another beach.  There are a lot of beaches this time of year, when the lake is still lower than it is in July.
Wade not wanting his picture taken.
You can see the clouds rolling in, so the cousins huddled for warmth.
I got to cuddle these two.
All grins

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tummy to Back

He did it!  Just pushed himself up on his arms and flopped right on over. 

Also, for those of you wondering, Mom's surgery went well today.  They put 13 coils into the aneurysm behind her right eye.

Convention preps starts in a few days, we love the influx of workers this time of year!

Mother's Day Weekend

We headed to Sequim this past weekend for yet another funeral.  We were glad for some time with the family, though. 
Wade was still receiving nebulizer treatments.  We haven't given him one since Sunday morning, though, so I think we might be ok for now!
Haircuts before we left!
Did you know that you can buy clothes at the dollar store?  Carolyn found this treasure for Owen!  He seems happy to be in it!
The circus is in town!!  Can you tell which one is the clown?  :)  I can't either.

We've spent a lot of time looking at things like this because we are building a house.

I think this one will do!

Load 'em up!

The kids waiting for the balloon release after the funeral.  Yes, those are my boys with the pink and purple balloons.

Even Owen got one with Aura's help!

There they go!

Our little family!

Bonfire at the ranch

Most of the pictures in this post were stolen from Leah's facebook!  Thanks, Leah, for the great pictures!  I'll send you a check to cover copyright costs!

The Newlyweds!

After meeting on Sunday we took a walk to the Dungeness Spit.

Me pretending I'm young again and hanging out with all the girls texting each other.

Grandpa gave the boys Jason's old playmobile set.  Not sure who's having the most fun...the boys or daddy?  :) 

Even Owen got to play! :)  Right away in the morning the boys dumped out a whole tub of playmobile and another one of Lincoln Logs.  They spent the next 4 hours picking everything up, missed lunch, and went straight to bed for a nap.  It was not fun for anyone, but hopefully a lesson was learned.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sick Baby

Today I did something that I've never done before.  I took one of my boys to the doctor because he was sick.  I jinxed myself when I was bragging about how I've never had to take one of my kids to the doctor except for well-child checks and immunizations.  Well, today I did.  Yesterday Wade started big deal, just a little cold.  That night he had a little fever....again, not a big deal.  During the night he started breathing very rapidly.  I've never had to deal with that and it was a little scary.  He was coughing and breathing very quickly, about a breath a second.  His fever wasn't bad, maybe about 100.  By morning I decided I needed to take him in, because he wasn't responding to cold medicine and his breathing was still rapid.  I know the receptionists at the clinic pretty well and they were very surprised to see me.  I don't really consider myself to be an overly paranoid mom, so they knew something was wrong when they saw me.  I was told that there wouldn't be anyone available to see me for about an hour and a half, but when my doctor heard I was there he moved things around and got me in right away.  They ended up giving him a nebulizer treatment and then sent me home with my own nebulizer to give him every 4 hours.  I'm hoping it's just the result of this cough, but it escalated pretty quickly, so I'm really hoping that it's not something worse like asthma.  He's been sleeping and wanting me to hold him all day so far.  Poor little baby!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Full-body Grins

A Week in Review

Jason's Grandpa passed away early yesterday morning, so we will be heading to Sequim this weekend.  In the 3.5 years that we have lived in Washington we have lost 5 grandparents (all 4 of Jason's).  In our 5.5 years of marriage we have lost 6.  We only have one left!   :(  I guess we are at that age, though.  The weird thing for me is that now our parents are the oldest generation in the family.  That's kind of crazy! 

My mom has her final (hopefully!) surgery today to repair the aneurysms in her brain.  We are confident that it will go well and she will make a full recovery!

9 week smiles.  (He just turned 10 weeks, but these are from last week.)

I love the stripe patterns in this picture!

A blurry come-in-for-a-kiss picture.  Owen looks....excited?  :)

Sanderson Brothers working on our house.  Again, this is from the end of last week, so progress has been made since.  I will try to take some pictures this afternoon, but most of the exterior walls on the upper level are standing.

Our daylight basement

Reading books with Caleb

This weekend Jason's parents came to Chelan and Jason fixed a pig pile meal.  We laid down a disposable tablecloth and dumped the food in the middle.  We had steak, chicken, shrimp, sausage, fried potatoes, asparagus, and bread.  Everyone got a fork and we got to dig in!

Dessert was blobs of ice cream on a fresh tablecloth and covered with chocolate, caramel, and whipped cream.

Us adults thought it was great fun to eat off the table.  The kids didn't see any difference in what they usually do!  :)
My spring flowers this year have kept me guessing.  My daffodils came up like normal.  Just as they were done blooming, my tulips opened.  This is a picture of some of my tulips.  Last fall I had planted some new tulip bulbs as well.  They are just starting to bloom now....about  3 weeks after the "old" tulips bloomed.  Is that normal?  Do new bulbs take longer than old bulbs?  I will have to get a picture of my new tulips, because they are soo beautiful!  I love them!