Friday, September 25, 2009

Underwear-wearing Long-Haired Visitors

Yesterday after working in the daycare, the boys and I stopped off at our cousin Jared's 8th grade football game. Jared did an awesome job and their team won 44-0. Then, we stopped off at home and I fixed dinner. While I was doing that Jason took Tristan down to the lake for a quick swim (it was 86 degrees at about 6 pm!) Then, we went to the varsity volleyball game. Two of our friends Houston and Mandy play on the team, and they were playing their biggest rivals. The opponents were from the school district that I used to teach in, and all of my old students are now 10th graders, so it was a lot of fun to see a lot of my former students and show off my boys and new bump. (I was pregnant and then gave birth to Tristan during the school year that I taught them.) As soon as all of the girls took the court for the first game, Tristan pointed out, "Mommy, they're wearing their underwears!" Hahahah It's something that we all think, but only a 2 year old actually says! :) It was a good game, close, but Chelan came out ahead! :)

In other news, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mom, Dad, Cammy, and Garrett! They come in on Tuesday and will stay for a week. Can't wait! I heard the weather is going to change, though, and it's only supposed to be in the upper 60s when they are here! How are we supposed to go swimming and boating??? Especially when Cammy is used to the unbearable heat of Iraq, and Garrett the balmy sunshine of SC. They are going to think it's freezing!

Anyone have ideas for making an 18 month old quit pulling hair? He doesn't pull mine, but he is very attracted to the dangling locks of the little daycare girls. I have tried lots of different things, I just typed out the things I've tried, but they sounded really mean, so I deleted them. Magic cure anyone?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fair and Fun

Saturday, we made a whirlwind trip to Seattle to do some shopping in the morning and go to the state fair in the afternoon/evening. I didn't take many do you capture a fair on film? The boys loved all of the animal barns. These little piglets were only 2 days old. I can't imagine giving birth to 15 babies and having to feed them all too! Ouch!

Riding their favorite horse...Daddy!

There is a free trolley that runs through Chelan. It makes a loop around the downtown area and up to Wal-Mart and back. When we are out walking, the boys love to hear it ding its trolley bell. Last week, I figured why not ride's free! So, we just rode around the loop.

Tristan loved holding on to the brass bars and the driver even let him ring the bell!

Whenever Wade would see me put on our team's softball jersey, he would run and find me my softball shoes. Now that the season is over, he is enjoying wearing my shirt around.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just updated my blog list with new little question marks! Yeah, I love doing that! Also, I filled in a couple of question marks with the names of new little babies that have been born! I love doing that too!! 5 months from now I'll be able to fill in our own little question mark! :) I'm still feeling great and showing waaaay more than I did with the other two. I'll give you a picture someday.....soon.....maybe.... I DID realize that our family picture that is the thumbnail icon for our blog is 10 months old!!! Wade has more than doubled his age since then, so maybe I should think about finding a new one. I'll get to that too....someday.....maybe.... We are looking forward to a visit from most of my family in 2 weeks! Yeah! And a family reunion for Jason's mom's side of the family! Yeah! And it's supposed to be in the 80's and 90's throughout September! Yeah!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Silly Boys

I have enjoyed talking with my boys lately, as they both say things that crack me up. I thought I would share them with you.

* When Tristan does something goofy, he says, "Oh my goodness, silly Tristan."

* Wade always wants us to watch something that he is doing. For some reason his version of "Watch this" sounds like "Esaw". So, he comes running up to us, "Esaw, esaw, esaw" until we say, "I'm watching." Then, he takes off to show us something really throwing a rock, or kicking a ball, or doing a sommersault. :) Esaw also sounds a lot like his version of Lisa, which is Sesaw. So, when Lisa was here this week and he wanted her to watch something it was, "Sesaw, esaw."

* Wade also has learned Tristan's name, except it sounds like "Disdan." I love when he's walking through the house and can't see his brother, so he calls out, "Disdan, We ahhhhhh you?" (Tristan, where are you?) He even draws out the "are" and says it in a sing-song voice. So cute!

* Tristan has learned the concept of today vs tomorrow, and he knows what tonight means. The other day, he said "We're going to Wal-Mart tomorning." Makes sense to me!

* When I ask Tristan to do something he has several responses. Because he is 2 1/2, sometimes the response is a big "No!" But a lot of the time, he tilts his head, gives a resigned sigh, and says, "Ok, I guess so."

* When Wade is being grumpy we put him in his crib and tell him that he needs to stay in his crib until he can be happy. We then check on him and ask him if he's happy. He's always ready to get out right away. I've always been able to just lay Wade down in his crib for a nap, and he has pretty much fallen right to sleep. However, now I go to lay him down, and he tells me, "I happy, mommy, I happy." I have to say, "I know baby, but it's nap time!" Sometimes when he wakes up in the morning he'll stand up in his crib and start chanting, "I happy, mommy." Time to get up!

* Wade is also still on his baseball kick. It's fun to see how long he can go in the morning before he says the word "baseball". He usually makes it about 5 or 6 seconds before he says "baseball" and goes looking for a ball, bat, or glove. He also has taken a liking to football. Now with the NFL season underway, it's perfect timing. He is pretty good at catching a football, except if it bonks his face, then he shys away from the ball for a little while.

* Wade has also learned how to say sorry and give hugs and kisses. When he hurts Tristan, he is quick to give him a hug and tell him sorry. Please and thank you are also becoming more familiar to him. He will tell you thank you (Din Din) until you respond with You're Welcome.

* We pronounce the word tired more like ti-erd. Tristan pronounces it like it is spelled ti-red. So, he'll curl up in his bed and say, "Mommy, I'm ti-red."

Ok, so I just re-read these, and it doesn't sound all that cute in writing, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it! :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lake Roosevelt 2009

5 am and ready to go.

Eric and Jason setting up a rope swing.

Trying it out.

We like Leah's hat!!!


Helping Tristan on the swing.

Carolyn was hooked on the bathroom....literally.

All we need is a campfire.

Snuggles with Auntie Lisa.

Snuggles with Auntie Julie.

Mary Poppins

Hugs and smiles

Enjoying the lake.

Boating home
Eric and Aura

Gwyndolyn and Waterslides

Mom, Dad, Mike, Tawn, and Gwyndolyn came down for the weekend and we all went to the waterslides. The kids enjoyed their bath together, and the moms enjoyed taking future blackmail pictures! :)

The boys show G how to play baseball!

Tristan slings his arm around Wade's shoulders as they drive in their truck.

The boys show us their cool shirts.