Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Maybe I should nickname him slug!  Check out that drool trail!
Daddy's Big Helper!
OK, so the first few weren't they come!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Summertime!!

Today I was amused by these things:

All winter and spring, Tristan has been asking to do things to which my response has been, "When it's Summertime."  For example:
"I want to go in the boat."  "When it's Summertime."
"I want to run in the worm sprinkler."  "When it's Summertime."
"I want an Otterpop."  "When it's Summertime."
"I want to swim in the lake."  "When it's Summertime."
"I want to go to the puppet show."  "When it's Summertime." (Part of the summer library program.)
"I want to go to the zoo."  "When it's Summertime."

Anyway, today I informed him that yesterday was the summer solstice and that it was summer now.  So, today he has asked at least 12 times, "Is it still summer?"  "Wade, it's summer!"  "I'm so happy that it is summer?"  "Mommy, is it still summer now?"

Happy 4 month birthday to Owen today!  He loves to grab at things and likes to be entertained!

Wade loves playing tickle monster and gets the most infectious giggle while he is playing!

Today we used sidewalk chalk and outlined our bodies, that was a lot of fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Taste of MT

We didn't go to Montana, Montana came to us in the form of Rob and Mandy!  Rob helped us on our house and Mandy helped me with the kiddos.  We enjoyed a little bit of lake time amongst all the hard work we (they) were doing!  I want to drop a little advertising for Rob, too!  He makes beautiful barnwood and painted pine furniture.  Check out his website:

We went boating and then pulled up to this park to grill some burgers.

Go Mandy!!

Jason and Sue joined us!

Teana came and stayed with us for a few days too!
There was a potluck for my 2nd cousin Audrey, because she just graduated with her nursing degree and is moving to Milwaukee to get married to Jarvis!
Beautiful flag flowers!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exciting Weekend Volume 2

We went all the way out to Manson and camped in our tent for the weekend.  We worked on the house Saturday, went out in the boat, and went to a grad party...then back to our tent for the night!  :)  It was fun!  We found this camera that Tristan is holding up.  I will do a post of our camping trip from a 3-year-old's point of view.
Jason's friend Chris is a pilot for the Navy.  He flies F-18s and was going to do a low-level fly of the lake Saturday afternoon, so we all went out in boats to watch the 3 jets fly in formation and buzz the lake.  Their course ended up being altered slightly and they went through the valley just south of us.  We were bummed to have missed it!
Congratulations Rachelle and Houston!!!

Splash pad time!  We also went swimming in the lake this weekend.
Owen LOVES camping!
Views from our tent

Monday, June 14, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Captain Underpants
Family Fun Day

Monday, June 07, 2010

Towboy Hats

The boys were digging in the hat box and brought each of us a "cowboy" hat to wear.  Wade says his "C" sound like a "T" so these were our Towboy hats!  That reminds me, for night lunch at convention we had Tooties and ToToa.  (Cookies and Cocoa)

Mom and Dad's Visit

These pictures are very random.  I updated my uploader and it puts the pictures in a random order on my post.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I know I could edit HTML and cut and paste the pictures into the order I want, but that sounds like a lot of work.  So, here it is in a completely random order.  

This is Lisa with her niece and nephews.

We went up to Oroville for the night to play basketball and crash cars...more of that to come...  We spent the night at Brian and Sandi's (Thank You!!) and met their parrot Dexter, who entertained the boys for hours.
Wade always gets teased for his "Uncle Harry" smile when he sticks his bottom teeth out.  Here Jason and Carolyn do it, Wade is kind of doing it, but not like normal.
The "Real" Sandersons all together at Chelan Convention

Remember our trip to Oroville?  Our friend Mike saved some cars out of the junkyard that still sort of ran.  They drove them up into the hills and rallied them.  They did some time trials, and when it was all said and done 2 of the cars still ran enough to get them home....2 stayed in the hills to be towed out later.
It must be a guy thing.  I had no desire to join them!!  I was content sitting on a big rock where it was nice and safe and take some pictures.  Tristan got to ride with them for a little while.

Our family

We tried out a new restaurant in town, but we sat outside and it was cold!
The gorge

Washing dishes at preps

Tiffany Sandon who lived in Milwaukee for a good part of my growing up years was at our convention.  She has been laboring on the Mexican Baja.  Was great to see her!
These two were peas in a pod all convention!!
Another surprise Milwaukee friend!!  Leana Kolbeck just moved to Seattle and came over for the weekend of convention.  Was great to see her too!  I think Owen likes her!  :)

Owen and Auntie Lisa

Can't help but love these boys!
The whole Sanderson clan!
Owen was more than done with the whole picture taking idea!

Owen and his friend Lydia who is 2.5 weeks older than him.

Sometimes it feels like I live in a ZOO!
Don't feed the bears!

Mom joined me for my day to work at the daycare.

Nothing like a sweet baby grin.
Auntie Carolyn gives Owen his first sip of soda...not really.
Story time with Auntie Lisa

As you know from a previous post, our trusses came for our house.  We have spent some time working on the house to get it ready for trusses and then to secure them in place once they were there.  My dad helped us out by working on the house everyday for a week and a half!!  Tristan showing us how he goes to the bathroom when we are working on the house.

La Brisa...our favorite restaurant!
Taking a break from work to have a little lunch.

We really enjoyed having my parents visit!  We are sad to see them leave, but look forward to a future visit!!!  Thanks for all your help with the house and with the boys!