Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Friday we had the lumber delivered to start building our house. Eric dropped off the tool trailer after work Friday, so we got started. The boys enjoyed riding their scooters while Jason and I got started on the house. We worked a couple hours Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Monday evening. Last night we had the workers over and gospel meeting, so we'll go back again tonight. We've worked hard, but it's hard to see much progress.

Friday and Saturday the boys did really well! Owen loved the fresh air and spent most of the time sleeping...oh wait, that's what he does all day anyway! :) The other boys were really good just playing. Monday was much colder and windier and crabbier, so it didn't go as well, but as the weather gets nicer the job will get better!

All the boys even got their naps in!

Owen started in the shade, but as the day went he ended up in the sun. Don't worry, we moved him after I took this picture of him snoozing on the lumber.

Who's Who?

1 month pictures of my boys. Can you tell who is who?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Seed

The children's questions for this Sunday are about the seed and the types of ground it fell on. The kids will be asked what the seed represents, so I was trying to explain it to Tristan. I told him that the seed is God's word and it falls into our heart, and we have to make sure that our heart is good ground so that the seed will grow. When I asked him questions about what I just told him here is what he responded.
Me: Tristan, what is the seed?
T: God's word. Mommy, what color is the seed?
Me: Umm....Where do we want the seed to grow?
T: Maybe in the carrots!!
It'll come...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Remember Darla in Finding Nemo? She is the dentist's niece who gets a fish and shakes the bag. I am picturing the close-up shots of her with her mouthful of braces looking at the fish and saying, "Hi Fishy, Fishy!" Anyway....that is Wade. Of course he doesn't have braces, but he goes right up in Owen's face, "Hi Baby Owen!" Owen usually ends up crying after encounters with Darla...I mean Wade.

Lovin' the Warm Weather!

I have been taking 2 walks a day on my days off. It is so beautiful outside!!! It has been in the low 60s most days! I weighed myself last weekend and I'm about 8-10 lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight. Julie's wedding is in 9 days, and I have a cute little dress that I not only want to fit in, but I want to "fit" in. It fits fine, but I don't want to look like a stuffed sausage either. :) So we walk... :) I love that the boys can play outside while I'm making dinner! It's light enough and nice enough, and they are old enough that I don't have to worry about them too much and can check on them without giving them 100% attention.

The other night Jason was tucking Wade in and Jason was listing off all of the people that love
Wade. "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you," etc. He included all the relatives he could think of. When he was finished, they laid their quietly for a few minutes and then Wade pipes up, "Heidi loves you, Patricia loves you." (The workers in our field.) Then he fell asleep. :)

Heidi has been teaching the song for the books of the Bible as part of the children's questions in gospel meeting. At the boys' Dr. appt. on Monday Wade was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for the Dr. When he was done, Tristan said, "I want to sing a song too!" "Ok," I said. "Umm...maybe I'll sing "Matthew, Mark, Luke, John." And he proceeded to sing the books of the new testament for the Dr. :) hahahah I couldn't quite read the Dr.'s reaction, it was kind of like...uhhh..that was nice.

We are hoping to start putting some wood on our foundation tomorrow!!! Yippee!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julie's Bridal Shower

Before we get to the bridal shower pics, a few of the boys.

Hide and Seek...kind of...

We made a trip to Sequim to celebrate Julie's upcoming wedding.

A big pile of Sandersons and Everidges.

Aunt Linda gets some baby time.

Everytime Julie got a question about Sam wrong, she had to put a cinnamon bear in her cheek. Her cheeks were full and burning by the end!

Aunt Laura Lynn and Chloe

The Soon-To-Be-Brides in their toilet paper gowns.

We found this old outfit of Grandma's for Julie to use as a going-away outfit.


Jason snapped this picture of the boys taking a break from their strenuous basketball game.

Can you believe my baby is 1 month old already?!?!
We had a well-child check yesterday. He has grown 1 inch, so he's 21 inches and he has gained over 2 lbs. He now weighs 10 lbs 3 oz.
Wade also had a well-child check for 2 years. He hasn't grown any taller in the past 6 months! Maybe that means he is on the verge of a growth spurt! He has, however, gained 5 lbs. :) He is 3 inches shorter than Tristan is, but weighs only 3 lbs less. Potty training is going better. He hasn't had an accident in 2.5 days...knock on wood. As I was writing this, I heard the stool being dragged over in front of the toilet, he got his pants down, his rear up on the toilet and went to the bathroom all by himself! He even remembered to push his pee-pee down so we didn't have a mess on the floor! :) Yeah!

Owen continues to be a very good baby! Sleeps very well, and is pretty laid-back!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Camera Has Been Hiding

Or so it seems...
I didn't realize that I still have pictures on my camera from almost 2 weeks ago. That may not be that long, but when you have a 3 week old baby, 2 weeks is a loong time!!

This video is from when Owen was 1 week old.

Wade reads to Owen from a counting book. Sorry it took me half the video to turn on the light so you can actually see it!! :)

Mom and Dad and their newest grandson!

Yes, that is MY husband washing dishes!! There were lots of people to impress...

That's about as good of a picture as you can expect! We spent the evening at Long's house.

Had trouble keeping the boys contained for a picture with Grandpa and Grandma.

Wade and Owen got so upset that Grandpa and Grandma tried reverse psychology to try to get them to stop fussing. It didn't work... Tristan was entertained though!

Heidi and Patricia (aka Taprisha or Pisha) stayed with us last week. Heidi and I enjoyed playing piano/violin duets. Heidi was very patient with Tristan and Wade and let them play the ABC song on her violin.

Sorry about the coloring, but this is one of my favorite outfits that my boys have worn. It was bought for Tristan by Uncle Garrett!

Oh boys!

This picture is wrong in so many ways! First of all, with the potty training comes a new interest in being naked. The little "bad guys" hat makes him look like a leprechan. And my not-so-cautious son is standing on the arms of two different chairs. Yowzers!

This is the property and foundation that we just bought. Our property actually goes way up the hill to the border of those houses you see way at the top, but most of the hill is useless land. Yesterday I toured the neighbors house, which has the same floor plan as ours. I like it! The lower bedrooms are pretty small, but hopefully with the other rooms, we won't mind too much.

Our view of the lake.

Meet B.O.B.
Carolyn organized the purchase of a new double stroller for me! Rather than get a bunch of new baby boy things that I really don't need, many people pitched in and bought me a double stroller. I have yet to find out who all helped out with it, but if it was you, THANK YOU!!!! So many people contributed so generously that they ended up getting a BOB stroller. Top of the line as far as I know! I just got it last night, and I'm working today, so I haven't gotten to take it for a trip around town, but I'll let you know how I like it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can know officially retire my other double stroller that has been broken so many times it is really in sad shape!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Need Pictures

Sorry this post is pictureless! I'll put some up later on today...maybe. :) We just bought some property! It is not our dream location for our dream house, but we are trying to get out of renting and take advantage of low prices. The lot we purchased is in a development. It has a foundation already on it. There are 3 different styles of house in this small development, and I like the lay-out and size of ours the best. We close Wednesday and will spend the next several months working on it in the evenings and on the weekends. Hopefully we can get it up quickly and get into it soon!!

On another front, in case we didn't have enough going on with a new baby and starting a new house, we are potty training Wade. He has been in big boy underwear for a week now. He was only 2 years and 2 days old when we decided to start. The decision was made when Wade put his hand into a messy diaper. Daddy told him he was all done with diapers!! The first few days he was having lots of accidents, but we turned the corner a couple of days ago, and he hasn't had an accident since. He wears a diaper at nap and at night. He likes to sing songs and read a story while he is trying to go. A jelly bean reward is also helpful. He tells us, "We don't go potty in our pants, that be drossies (grossies)."

He and Tristan still play ball for about 75% of their day. Mostly basketball, some baseball lately (Spring training), and a little tackle football. We have been driving their Escalade a lot and walking a lot. We are eagerly awaiting warm weather again, we are in a cold burst. Julie and Sam's wedding is coming up in 3 weeks, so we have lots of exciting things happening! I'll post baby Owen pictures and maybe some of our new property soon!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

3 Boys Week 2

Both the girls and boys team from Chelan made it to the State Basketball Tournament. We went down to Yakima to watch some of their games. We spent the night in a hotel. Owen took his first toe dip. :)

Watching basketball

Putting together a puzzle.

Wade was lulled to sleep by Cammy's singing and playing.

I've really appreciated all of the extra help the past two weeks. On Monday real life will hit. Jason will return to work after about a month off, the family is!

Happy Birthday Wade!

My little baby grew up really fast the past week and a half. Not only did he get a new teeny tiny brother, which makes any little boy seem a lot bigger, but he turned two years old!!!!

Wade showing us how old he is. "TWOOOO"

Blowing out the candles was very amusing. He kept blowing, but no air was coming out. Finally with some help from cousin, Cody, the candles went out.

We celebrated his birthday last Saturday because most of the family was here. On his real birthday, Wednesday, we had a candle in his muffin and we went down to the state basketball tournament. We spent Wade's birthday swimming in the hotel pool and watching Chelan basketball games.