Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Standing!

Tristan has really enjoyed straightening out his legs. He stiffens them up and stands on our laps really well. Caleb has some cute boots, so we put them on Tristan. Jason stood him up against the couch and took a picture! It is amazing that he can keep his legs so straight and hold himself up! He's practicing balancing. :) Check out his pinkies! :)
Cute Tigger outfit from Jared Anderson.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Loren and Shanda Hansen came up from Las Vegas for the weekend. We met up with them and Josh and Trese Barnes for dinner at the Hungry Belly. Yummy!!

Saturday we went up to Mission Ridge, and Jason tried snowboarding for the first time. He thinks that skiing is more fun, so he wasn't converted!

Loren and Shanda brought their little guy....

And Josh and Trese had their baby, so it was a blast!

Here is our baby!! ....I know all three look a lot alike!! :) Tee Hee :)

Watch Tristan play "So Big" with his Daddy!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Tristan at 2 months

Tristan trying out his stroller for the first time! The snow has cleared enough that we can actually use it!

Tristan may look just like his Dad, but he definitely has my eyebrow movements. Check out this video to watch him wiggle those brows!

The walls are in! They will be sprayed tomorrow, and the plumber comes on Wednesday!

What a cute little bear! He is getting pretty active. Look at this video to see him move and squawk!