Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend At Home

My friends Sue, Pam, and Dakota all came to swim in the lake Friday.  Some people on the beach were trying to get rid of this dragon floatie, and gave it to Tristan!

Dakota just turning 2!

Snacks with Dakota and Sue
Playing in the sand.

Friday night Jason and I went out on a date (with Owen of course).  Tristan and Wade went to the rodeo with the Anderson Family!  Here they are in their cowboy duds.
Pam and Dakota came back on Saturday for a little more time in the lake!  
Owen turned 5 months and thinks he is a big boy!  He's been wanting to eat everything!  So, I officially started feeding him.  He is a natural!  He opens his mouth to everything and knows exactly what to do with it once it is in there!  Hardly anything comes back out!
We didn't just play this weekend, we also got our new house housewrapped!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Owen started burning up during the night Sunday night.  He ran a fever all day and into Tuesday.  Tuesday morning I noticed a rash up and down his legs.  I thought it was heat rash from the hot temperatures and his fever.  Tuesday evening he quit nursing.  He would root around like he was hungry, but as soon as I went to latch him on he would scream and turn his head. I was trying to think of something that I had eaten that would have made my milk bad, but was coming up with nothing.  He didn't nurse all night long, would sleep for about 20 mins and wake up crying.  I was still giving him tylenol/ibruprofen alternating.  By morning I decided maybe he was getting a tooth and oragelled him up really well.  After a few minutes the oragel worked and he nursed!  A lot!  So, I started thinking he must have a tooth about ready to pop through.  But then I noticed new little blisters and sores all over his fingers and toes.  His rash over his legs had gotten worse too.  I looked in his mouth, but didn't notice anything abnormal.  Now I'm thinking he has hand, foot, mouth.  It is a virus that often includes a fever, sores on the hands and feet, and in the mouth, which would explain why he didn't want to nurse.  If it is hand, foot, mouth, there is nothing I can do about it, so I am keeping his gums numb when it is time to nurse.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?

Summer Fun

Owen's first time in a swing
I think he likes it!
Peeking out the living room window.
The roof is on, the plumbing is in, HVAC is starting today.  Electrician is lined up, windows, doors, and sliders are ordered.  Now, we just need to get some house wrap and siding on!
A view from our hike.  The two youngest in the stroller, Tristan running ahead.
The gorge behind our rental house.
Mr. Fish

Also, this weekend Leah and a couple friends came and stayed with us.  We went to the waterslide park on Saturday and out on the boat, but for some reason I don't have any pictures!  Boo hoo!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giggle Monster

Thompson Visit

Gwyndolyn loves the water.  It was fun swimming with her!
We did a little snorkeling and so a mama bass protecting a whole slew of little babies!  
Lydia and Owen sharing a toy.
The boys taking turns sitting in the truck with G.
Playing basketball.
Bedtime stories

Sleeping Boys

Much more comfortable with your arm looped through your underwear!
Sleeping in the hotel.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

We Love You Lisa!

Lisa is heading back to Greece, so we went to see her off.  Wade was really distraught about the whole ordeal!
The airport crew.

Turning 30!

NOT ME!!  I am merely turning 29.  30 would be OLD!!  :)  I just wanted to point out all the smoke that Sam and Dan's candles make in that picture in my last post!  WOAH!  Someone call a fire truck!  :)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lake Roosevelt 4th of July

Check out these lips!
For the 4th of July, the Sandersons went to Lake Roosevelt.  We had fun camping and boating in the sun!
Best of buds!
For Mother's Day, Mom got this Relaxation Station.  Judging by the number of kids in it, it wasn't all that relaxing.
All tired out!
Snacks with Grandma
Tristan went kneeboarding for the first time.  Check out the video at the end of this post!
Dad has dreamed of water skiing with all 3 of his sons at the same time.  So, they tried it...and tried it...and tried it, until the r and the i changed places and tried became tired.  Check out the video.
Dan and Wade
Sam and Dan turn 30

Fun with Grandpa
Beautiful sunsets

Our new tent!!!! I love it!!! Lots of space to stand and stretch.  And a hinged door!  And a screened porch!!!  Yeah!
Uncle Sam and Auntie Julie brought fireworks and sparklers.

Snack time

Grandpa and Grandma brought all the boys coon skin caps.
My little Davey Crockett